Christine Bravo living in Corsica: 'I chose the austerity of the maquis', why she no longer lives in Paris

Christine Bravo no longer lives in Paris (but still owns a barge there) and on her Instagram account, she constantly shares videos and photos of her small Corsican village. Find out why she left the capital.

  Christine Bravo installed in Corse: 'J'ai choisi l'austérité du maquis", pourquoi elle n'habite plus Paris

If you follow her on social networks, you have surely noticed that for the past few months, the TV host, Christine Bravo has packed her bags in Corsica . Between boat trips, mountainous landscapes, harvesting sun-drenched fruits and vegetables and olive groves, the 66-year-old columnist sells dreams with her little corner of paradise. But where exactly does she live? And why does she no longer live in Paris? We take stock.

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Where did Christine Bravo settle?

On her Instagram account, Christine Bravo is full of praise for its small Corsican village: Occhiatana is located in the very north of the island of beauty, in Balagne . It offers breathtaking landscapes between the chain of high mountains to the south and a coastline to the north, around the small cove of Algaja. This quiet town has only about 250 inhabitants, the columnist explains in the description of a video posted on October 4: ' Here, the mayor acts as Saint Louis under his oak tree, he knows all his constituents, resolves steeple quarrels '. But also, he ' monitors the collective trash space so that it stays clean. He pays attention to noise overflows on weekend evenings '. To reach this little corner of paradise, there is only one ' rickety road ' who ' only serves to go to this village, where there is ZERO trade!!! ' she adds.

Why did Christine Bravo leave Paris?

Several reasons pushed the animator and punctual resident of the Big heads from RTL to settle in Corsica, still under the same video, she says: ' I love walking around in this sublime setting, as you can see, I settled in a tourist location, I chose the austerity of the maquis, far from civilization, for the peace and beauty of the heights of Balagne '.

In addition to the magnificent setting of her small village where she lives with her husband Stéphane Bachot – the couple married in June 2022 – Christine Bravo is conquered by the Occhiatanais. ' They go about their business, they don't care about the CV of one or the other ' she explains. She adds: ' Nobody asks questions. Nobody is freaking out. I discover village life, where everything is known, but where everyone loops and is solitary in case of absolute drama, like shortage of mustard '.

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Christine Bravo also appreciates the sweetness of life, she describes it in her post on social networks: ' Here we live to the rhythm of the wind, very strong in recent days, we were all sheltered, lenient today, sign of petanque on the square '. A completely different setting from Paris, than it does.' recognize more '. She then becomes saddened by the fate of her beloved capital: ' Noise, dirt, rudeness, It's so unfair for the city deemed the most beautiful in the world!' . And even though she chose not to live there anymore – while still having a houseboat that she finds from time to time – to settle in the middle of the olive groves, she concludes: “ I love and I will always love Paris '.