Christine Bravo, euphoric: she finds work, enough to complete her 'little retirement'

Christine Bravo is over the moon! Her famous show, 'Sous Les Jupons de l'Histoire', the filming of which ceased in 2018, is making a comeback on Chérie 25. The host celebrated the news as it should be, on her barge... She will earn a little money to supplement his little retirement.

  Christine Bravo, euphoric: she finds work, enough to complete her"petite retraite"

History buffs will be delighted! New episodes of the show Under the Petticoats of History , broadcast on Chérie 25 since 2013 and whose filming had ceased in 2018, will soon be available. Christine Bravo announced the joyful news on his Instagram account. ' INCREDIBLE, after 5 years of stopping, and loop reruns of the 52 episodes of Under the petticoats of history, on Chérie 25, the channel has just re order 7 new issues “, revealed the 66-year-old host, in the caption of a video on which we see him celebrating the news with the experts of the show.

Christine Bravo, in heaven: the return of her show

' We celebrated the good news last night on my houseboat ! I'm SO happy to have you back, and believe me my experts are too! On top of that, I'm off to go to Corsica! See you soon my favorites “, added the presenter, visibly to the angels.

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Elizabeth de Feydeau , a perfume historian and expert who regularly appeared on the show, is also delighted. ' How nice to meet again! Let's get to work and celebrate our hearts! “, she said in commentary to the publication of Christine Bravo.

The host and the experts of the show are not the only ones to celebrate the return of Under the Petticoats of History. Many Internet users commented on the publication of Christine Bravo to express their joy … and the host Christopher Beaugrand did not miss the call! ' Oh I'm glad the show is awesome! Kisses my Christine ', he said. For the host, it's back to work, she who had stopped participating in the show The Big Heads of RTL for several months but without closing the door to a return.

Christine Bravo receives a small pension

This return to TV will allow the host to put butter in the spinach. Christine Bravo, who had sworn to only receive 1000 euros per month, had explained to Gala last June why she receives so little money in retirement: ' In my generation, the guys shared the cake on television by producing and the women, who remained employees, did not benefit from it as much. I haven't made a lot of money, I'm not rich, but whatever... I have enough to live in the Corsican maquis. '

Christine Bravo: her historic cruises

Since the end of the show, Christine Bravo, who married Stéphane Bachot in Corsica last summer, has not been idle! On his Parisian barge, baptized Frou-frou, under the petticoats of the Seine , the host organizes historical cruises on which the experts of Under the Petticoats of History intervene to deliver crisp anecdotes about the Paris of yesteryear.

It is also thanks to her love for boats that Christine Bravo met the chosen one of her heart. ' I stumbled across barge advertisements and a specialized agency . It was its director, Stéphane Bachot, who showed me around a boat that was falling apart at the time. I fell in love and bought it “, she had explained to the Parisian . Since then, the lovers got married and live in the small village of Occhiatana, in Corsica.