Christine Bravo collapsed by mourning: Archive PHOTO on Instagram, the host pays tribute to her late mother

After the mourning, the tribute. Christine Bravo let her subscribers know last week that she had just lost a very dear one. Following a moving tribute posted on social networks, she wanted to thank all those who had sent her their thoughts in this painful moment.

  Christine Bravo collapsed by mourning: PHOTO d'archive sur Instagram, l'animatrice rend hommage à sa défunte maman

A few more weeks ago, Christine Bravo was swimming in happiness . She and her husband Stéphane Bachot took off on January 23 for their honeymoon under the tropical sun in Mauritius. But Tuesday, March 7, the accomplice of Laurent Ruquier shared terrible news with his Instagram followers: the sudden death of his mother, Carmen .

'Today Carmen joined Antonio. Mom, rest in peace with dad. This notice takes the place of sharing' , she first wrote, simply, by publishing a family photo, where dressed in a plaid dress, Christine Bravo, aged 6 years at most, is surrounded by her two parents. From, she seems to have buried her mom and posted a new message on his account.

Christine Bravo in mourning: support from its subscribers and VIPs

Quickly, messages of support from Internet users poured in. 'P wish Christine for you and all yours. May your mother rest in peace with her husband. ' , writes one of them. 'Sincere condolences. Today all of your subscribers share your pain. Courage to you and your loved ones in this difficult ordeal' , added another. Some personalities also addressed their sorrow to him. 'All my condolences my dear' , thus shared Christina Cordula . 'I think very much of you and your sister, my Christine' , meanwhile wrote Jordan Deluxe , while the columnist Gary Jarny sent him his 'thoughts'.

'Hug your parents for us'

Faced with this surge of love, the 66-year-old host wanted, on Tuesday March 14, to send a 'Thank you from the heart' to those who thought of her and her family. She also took the opportunity to publish a new tribute to his parents , of which she says she has always admired the love they have had for each other, throughout their lives.

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The photo chosen this time by Christine Bravo shows Carmen and Antonio smiling and covered in confetti at what appears to be a party. 'I admit, looking at this photo, that I am fascinated by these two… by this couple: my parents… so beautiful, so luminous. I am amazed by the evidence of their love' , she wrote. 'Antonio, you look like a bullfighter after the faena, you got it all, but it was Carmen who struck the blow. It's for her that you put on your costume of light... and will always have been alone in the arena of life, endlessly smooching, endlessly bickering, endlessly mad lovers. Exclusively and unbearably. And this is how we loved you, my little sister and I. If they're still around, hug your parents for us ' , continues the presenter of the show Under the petticoats of history , poetically comparing the love story of his parents, of Spanish origin, with a bullfight.

If the columnist is now an orphan, she can certainly count on the support of Stephane Bachot , the manager of a real estate agency specializing in aquatic property with whom she has been married since this summer, as well as on her children, Clara Brunel, in her thirties, and Mathieu Cervantes, 45 .