Christian Quesada 'jerks off on the balcony': damning testimonies on C8

Eight months after the incarceration of Christian Quesada for 'corruption of a minor' and 'dissemination of child pornography', former relatives of the champion make new shocking revelations about his supposed deviance and the way in which he would have extracted money from her entourage.

  Christian Quesada"se bran*** sur le balcon" : témoignages accablants sur C8

It's been eight months since Christian Quesada is incarcerated for 'corruption of a minor' and 'possession and distribution of child pornography images'. New revelations have just fallen, while a documentary dedicated to the infamous candidate of the Twelve Noon Shots should be broadcast on C8 , November 14th.
In an extract from this feature film directed by Guillaume Genton, broadcast in Do not touch My TV , a childhood friend of Christian Quesada delivers a chilling testimony: ' He always looked at pictures of little girls. And people were passing, it was passing, it was: 'pedo, pedo, pedo (...) He was on the balcony and he jerked off. I had my sister riding her bike and other kids, kids and then they were like, 'Oh lala, he's showing his penis' '.

Christian Quesada used his children...

In addition to his inappropriate behavior and his supposed deviance, the former candidate of the Twelve Noon Shots , which had won €809,392 thanks to the game show hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann, seemed to have a very special relationship with money .

Thus, Anne, a former close friend of Christian Quesada, said, in another excerpt: ' During Christmas, we received a message from Christian saying that he could not celebrate properly Christmas with his children, because he had no funds. My partner sent him a check (...) Apparently there was something to celebrate, because he wouldn't have sent her a check for 200 euros. .'

A burst of generosity that the young woman regrets today, since she noticed the sordid Stratageme by Christian Quesada , who would have used his children to coax those around him and persuade him to help her financially . ' At that time, he did not have his children. So we can think that they did not see the color '.

Anne would not have been the only one to have been trapped by the champion. ' I think the money he happened to scratch here and there was for his personal use, certainly alcohol, drugs, scratch games, cigarettes ', she concluded. The director of the documentary, Guillaume Genton, summed up the complex personality of Christian Quesada, in TV Star : ' He feels the need to crush others since he has money .'