Christian Clavier is 70: Marriage Proposals, Couple, Girl, Splendid, Holland, Sarkozy, Exile and New Life in...

Christian Clavier turns 70 on May 6, 2022! His relationship with François Hollande, what his friendship with Sarkozy cost him, his bad experience with Michaël Youn, his relationship with Isabelle, his former love with Marie-Anne Chazel, their daughter Margot... Here is everything you didn't know not on the actor (of the Bronzés) so appreciated by the French.

  Christian Clavier is 70: Marriage Proposals, Couple, Girl, Splendid, Holland, Sarkozy, Exile and New Life in...

Christian Clavier turns 70 May 6, 2022! The inimitable interpreter of Jacquouille in Visitors Although he has been appearing on our screens for decades, he is discreet and rarely talks about himself. What do you know of the former Splendid actor? Its link with Francois Hollande , his new life in Brussels, his former relationship with Marie-Anne Chazel, his enmity with Michaël Youn... and other secrets of a star of French cinema.

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Christian Clavier: his famous school friends

Christian Clavier was born in 1952 in Paris, raised by a ENT surgeon father and an mother housewife . His brother is the director Stephane Clavier and his maternal uncle is the producer Yves Rousset-Rouard .

It was in 5th grade that he met an encounter that would change the course of his life. He crosses the path of Gerard Jugnot , with whom he befriends, before meeting Michel Blanc and Thierry Lhermitte at the Pasteur high school in Neuilly-sur-Seine. In final year, he is also in the same class as… Francois Hollande !

Christian Clavier, appreciated by his ex-comrade … François Hollande

A brilliant student, Christian Clavier obtained his baccalaureate with the honors' and integrates the Institute of Political Studies of Paris , where he finds his high school friend, François Hollande. The former President of the Republic had also sung the praises of the actor in 2002, in the program Recto Verso : ' keyboard had that rare sense of comic percussion , and therefore he was greatly feared by his comrades. Those who could be the proudest or the most ungrateful, the most subject to the professorial order, Clavier was capable of a word, a line, a mimicry to put them definitively out of state. '.

But, unable to ignore his artistic soul, Christian Clavier drops out six months later and devotes himself to comedy… much to the chagrin of François Hollande! ' I was trying to encourage him, train him, prepare him, make up for what he hadn't done, give talks with him, but i couldn't hold it “, remembered the former head of state on the show Recto Verso .

Christian Clavier: his father redid the nose of...

With his high school friends, Thierry Lhermitte , Michel Blanc and Gerard Jugnot , the merges the troop of the Splendid , in a café-théâtre of the same name, in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. His uncle, producer Yves Rousset-Rouard, is one of the main shareholders.

In the 1970s, the aspiring actor did odd jobs as an extra and, at the same time, wrote and directed the play Love, Shellfish and Crustaceans … that Patrice Leconte adapted to the cinema in 1978, with The Bronzed !

Since the actor's father is an ENT surgeon , it was to him that her friend Josiane Balasko called when she wanted to redo her nose. It was even he who had offered her his services. ' He said to me: 'Josiane, I can do it again for you if you want' “, had remembered the actress at the microphone of France Blue . A cosmetic surgery operation that the father of Christian Clavier has succeeded, according to the main interested party!

Christian Clavier: Marie-Anne Chazel refused his marriage proposals

The actor, in a relationship with his comrade from the Splendid Marie Anne Chazel , became the father of their daughter Margot, in 1983. After a relationship of thirty years, the actors separated in 2001 . ' With Christian, we never got married . He asked me twice, I said no twice ', she explained in 2017 to Current wife . And to add: ' What I saw of the wedding did not make me want '.

In 2003, the actor met the make-up artist Isabelle de Araujo , on the set of The Corsica Survey by Alain Berberian. Quickly, they fall in love with each other and Christian Clavier becomes the makeup artist kids stepdad , Leo, 31, and Tom, 26, born to his former love with Richard Gotainer.

Christian Clavier: Sarkozy, Exile in the United Kingdom and New Life

If Christian Clavier was a former school friend of François Hollande, it is Nicolas Sarkozy which he supported during the 2012 presidential election, when the two politicians were opposed in the second round. I have to say that the comedian is close to the husband of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy ! He had even attended his dinner at Fouquet's when he won in 2007!

This friendship also earned him many criticisms that were difficult to bear. In 2013, the actor decides to settle in London . ' He is the target of systematic attacks for his friendship with Nicolas Sarkozy . He felt fed up , especially since his relatives also suffered from the situation. His temporary installation in London is also motivated by a concern for personal and family well-being. “, had explained his agent to the AFP .

But since 2018, it's Belgium that Christian Clavier spends most of his time. The actor has packed his bags in Saint-Gilles . ' It's very cool to live here . Belgians are very friendly “, he told the Last hour .

Christian Clavier and Michaël Youn: 'tense relations'

Christian Clavier and Michael Youn they may have shot together on the film Back to Malawi , in 2019, in South Africa, the two actors did not hang. ' He is boring “, dropped the former singer of Fatal Bazooka bluntly about Christian Clavier, at the microphone of Europe 1 . ' We didn't hang humanly. I don't blame him (...) We were two similar magnets, it repelled each other a little bit (...) It was 56 degrees, we were all a little lost. We all went a little crazy, and the relationship was extremely tense, extremely unpleasant ', he added.

Christian Clavier, who rarely gives interviews to journalists, has always been keen to protect your privacy and not to reveal too much. ' I've never played the 'people' game, maybe that's what annoys some people. From the start of my career, no doubt out of shyness and fear, I voluntarily kept my distance from the media who asked me to talk about something other than my work “, he told the Figaro .