Christelle Chollet, interview: Her daughter's pressure, her support for Iranian women, working with her husband.. (excluded)

Comedian Christelle Chollet cut a lock of her hair after one of her shows in a video that has gone viral. The artist has agreed to confide in the reasons that motivated his gesture, but not only! Exclusive interview.

  Christelle Chollet, interview: Her daughter's pressure, her support for Iranian women, working with her husband.. (excluded)

Singer, humorist, actress...Christelle Chollet is an accomplished artist. Currently performing in his show Refurbished at the Théâtre de la Tour Eiffel, she embodies different characters with humor, all to a varied soundtrack. At the end of one of her performances, she cut a lock of her hair and encouraged the women and men in the audience to do the same, to show their support for women in iran . Since then, the video of his gesture has accumulated more than 4.8 million views sur are compte Instagram. Christelle Chollet confides in Women's Journal on his commitment but also on his show and his experience in Mask Singer . Maintenance.

Journal des Femmes: During your show, you cut a lock of your hair in support of women in Iran, why was it important for you to show your support for Iranian women in the middle of a show?

Christelle Chollet: Because I already found it very strong and very unifying not to do it alone and above all not to premeditate anything. It just happened. I came down from the stage at the end of my show before we parted and I said to them: 'Here, we're going to do that, whoever wants to do it, I'll pass them the scissors' and that was enough spontaneously. It was a very emotional and powerful moment because obviously everyone supports these women.

Everyone who was on my show, women and men alike, told me that it's a no-brainer that they're being sent a message of support, approval, and love. I realize it's nothing. But for me it was essential to do it with the public and the people who were there. And it's not just the wick, it's a common energy, this desire to say 'We know, we're here, we're supporting you, we're going to do everything we can'. Even if it's not a big deal but in any case, we alert people, the authorities, we make sure that it is known.

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What motivated you to do it?

At one point, it's too much, we can't impose on these women and men, a dress code in the name of something that should be intimate, religion. My goal was to say: 'We know what's going on, we support you, we're here' and above all, it was a very small gesture compared to what they are doing there. But I think it's the little drops of water that make the ocean and we have to not remain silent in the face of that, as much for her as for us, our children, our girls, our boys, our generations. It is an essential cause. I still talk about it around me, but you can't make a video on the internet every day.

The people who were in the room tell me about it, we all experienced something like a big chain. Because I stopped the video at that time, I was not going to put 1h30 of video, people cut their hair very long.

Do you understand the criticisms made of actresses and artists who say 'it's just a lock of hair'?

Yes it's only a wick and so! There are lots of people doing nothing. It is a symbol. When you send a postcard, people tell you 'It's just a postcard'? No, it means 'I'm thinking of you, I'm here'. It's important that people know, that there is a relational chain around the world that says to these women: 'We know, we support you, we are here'. We obviously cannot change things with the snap of our fingers, but in any case the more relay there is in the world, the more there will be general indignation, the more things will change.

They think what they want and I do what seems good to me. Because I can't afford to do anything else right now. Also thinking that this gesture makes people react and the proof it makes them react. It's tragic to fight knowing that no one gives a damn what's going on.

I don't care, I don't think about the deleterious messages I may receive. I just think this cause and this situation horrifies me. When I see a movement launched by actresses, singers, obviously I cling to it. The goal is to warn as many people as possible so that as many people as possible join the cause and continue this virtual battle of thought and opinion.

Do you find that today it's harder for an artist to commit to a cause than before?

No, it's not harder to commit, but it's hard to commit to one thing. Because our commitment to us happens by writing things, by performing on stage, by denouncing things. When you really want to say something, you say it. Maybe it's harder to get past social media. Because it's a double-edged sword, information travels twice as fast, it reaches an incredible number of people, but the contradiction is twice as strong as well. We move forward with our time, our means of communication. It may be more difficult to manage afterwards. There are always detractors and they are more vocal. That's the game.

There is always this debate of 'It was better before'. I think there is a space of absolute freedom on stage for example. We can say everything, no one comes to censor us. We can send messages, I want to make people laugh but we can do it with what is happening, what concerns us. Laughter is very good media. The things that annoy me, my fights become sketches in my shows.

You said of your show Refurbished :' It's pure Chollet, but at the same time, it's new ', what did you bring new?
Characters ! The pure Chollet is that I am a hybrid artist, I am a 'singer': singer and comedian, dancer too. I try to mix a lot of elements in my show. I wanted to surprise people who know me at the end of the sixth show and give them a taste of something a little different. I integrated characters. There is a whole gallery of them and I had fun making them. Including, in particular, an influencer, a love coach, a music teacher… A bull even is the only male character in my show. I found it interesting to look at our human lives through the prism of an animal. It is also a pretext to sing the corrida of Francis Cabrel , I'm not hiding it from you (laughs).

Where do you find inspiration for your sketches, for the characters you play throughout the show?

For the influencer, on the networks, there are several characters in one. She is well loaded Nabillou (name of the character of her show, editor's note). The news pushes me to make sketches, there is one on a sexual predator. The stories of the past few years pissed me off a lot and I didn't know how to talk about them. It pissed off my husband a lot too. Besides, we wrote this sketch together, but it was he who was the most virulent. I reversed the role so she's a sexual predator who ends up in police custody trying to defend herself. I managed to make people laugh with this sketch, I didn't think, the subject is very delicate. By reversing the roles, you get something that makes people laugh and raises awareness.

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Do you have a favorite character?

One that I adore is the music teacher. I'm talking about one thing that bothers me: grades. That is to say, you spend your life telling yourself that you are going to leave school, so you stop being graded. And there, we find ourselves in a society where we are noted all the time. I was wondering how did we get here? It must be a collective trauma, revenge for all the times we got scammed by a teacher.

So, I make an old music teacher, Madame Crampette, who is quite reverent, ass stuck, brooms in the ass. Who has in their class: Vitaa , Slimane, Koff, Jul, Soprano, etc. and who returns copies of their song to them. I love this character because he is very unifying. Family, he is a hit. I see little teenagers who are bursting out laughing because she details the lyrics of the songs. They realize the lines and what's in the song so it makes them laugh a lot out of context.

You participated in Mask Singer , how was the experience?

I lived it very well. I had fun like crazy. Me, as soon as there is a performance, I'm like a child, as soon as you have to dress up, hide, have fun, I'm all the way. My daughter was watching the program and she said to me 'One day if you do the program, I will recognize you directly'. I had put this little sentence behind my ear, when it was offered to me, I thought about it again, I didn't even hesitate for a second, I said yes right away and then I had a lot of fun.

I met great people, I like this kind of experience. Since there are lots of different people working on it, I'm talking about Pierre Billon, Jean Mora for example, with whom we record in the studio. The same goes for the costume designers who do an impressive job. The real stars are also the costumes. I also had a blast on stage, with the chorographies and the dancers who don't know who you are. And then you want to do well, the best performance there is. It all comes together, that's about all I like to do in life. Well I would have liked to stay a little longer but…

How did you feel when you were unmasked?

It was funny because I said to myself 'When I leave it will be fine and all that'. Because when you watch people come out of previous shows, they're pissed off, kinda dumped because it's happening so fast. And me obviously, I look venerable. Inevitably we are angry, we did something, we are like 'No, I don't want to go out, I don't want to go out'. Although it's just a game. It was a very nice experience, I really had a blast.

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What impressed you the most?

What struck me were the studio sessions with Pierre and Jean, it was incredible. We laughed a lot. It's funny to meet people you don't know very well or have never seen and to have the impression of having worked with them for a long time, like with the costume designers. There is an immediate complicity that was made and we had lots of laughs. These are unique, graceful moments that remain etched.

Is there any other shows you would like to try?

(Laughs) My daughter keeps telling me, 'Mom! Mom! You have to do Dance with the stars ', I tell him, 'No, but I'm not going to do all the shows.' Afterwards, there are a lot of shows that I would like to do. I would love to do Taratata and also do the 300 choirs . I've sung with big choirs and it's a monster digs. Anyway, as soon as you have to perform, sing, laugh, well, I'm there, especially with virtuoso musicians or artists. I love to share, I'm all the way.

Exclusive interview that cannot be resumed without mention of the Journal des Femmes.