Christelle Chollet: In the middle of a show, she cuts her hair for the Iranian women, her spectators too! VIDEO

This is the buzzing video right now. With more than 3 million views on Instagram, the comedian wanted like other anonymous or personalities to show his support for the fight of Iranian women. This cause raises many reactions around the world.

  Christelle Chollet: In the middle of a show, she cuts her hair for the Iranian women, her spectators too! VIDEO

The artist is currently showing his new show Refurbished at the Eiffel Tower Theater. Many internet users discovered her on the show. Mask Singer in September when his artistic talents hit the mark. Hands-on, she sings, writes and practices humor in her own way. Her ketches are openly feminist like that of 'the sexual predator'. It is therefore not surprising that she participates in the solidarity movement for Iranian women. She is the first to do so in full performance.

Christelle Chollet: her strong gesture during her show

She goes down into the room, at the level of the central aisle and cuts a lock of hair. She then offers her scissors to those who would like to do like her. What an emotion to see all these women reaching out to participate in this movement too! A real surge of solidarity is unfolding before our eyes. A man also asks for the tool and cuts a wick. The scene, filmed and broadcast on Instagram, takes up the anthem Hello beautiful . This song has become the emblem of the demonstrations. It is taken up with each militant action. His video collected many messages of encouragement, including those from Anne Roumanoff and Alex Lutz.

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Other celebrities have taken the plunge for the cause

At the beginning of October, a video was circulating on social networks where around fifty French-speaking celebrities were cutting a wick. Isabelle Adjani , Juliette Binoche and Marion Cotillard have participated in this vast movement. The idea was to support Iranian women and show them that they are not alone in this battle for their freedom. On the Instagram account @Soutienfemmesiran explained the importance of this act ' Since Mahsa's death on September 16, the Iranian people, women in the lead, have been protesting at the risk of their lives. These people only hope for access to the most essential freedoms. These women, these men, ask for our support. Their courage and their dignity compel us .'

Reminder of the facts in Iran

The country has been experiencing a real revolt since the death in troubled circumstances of Mahsa Amini on September 16. She was arrested by the Iranian morality police for 'indecent dress'. She died shortly thereafter for no apparent reason. The news of his death unleashed a veritable wind of rebellion in the country. She aroused the anger of women subjected to numerous prohibitions. The latter are obliged to cover their hair with the veil. It's the law. It is precisely against this that they rise up and parade their hair in the open air or by cutting a lock, as a symbol. This revolution is repressed by the Iranian authorities who do not hesitate to fire on the demonstrators. This movement moves the international community which tries to participate in its own way in order to support these women.