Christelle Chollet: 'I don't think my daughter has had such a Christmas since she was born...' (Excluded)

On the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, singer and comedian Christelle Chollet reveals how she celebrates Christmas with her family, but also with colleagues and with the public at the theatre! Exclusive interview.

  Christelle Chollet: 'I believe that my daughter'a pas eu un Noël pareil depuis qu'elle est née..." (Exclu)

The actress Christine Chollet is currently on stage for his show Refurbished, played since September. To have the chance to attend, go to the Théâtre de la Tour Eiffel, in Paris, from Thursday to Sunday throughout January. And she will perform on tour in France but also in Switzerland and Belgium from March 2023.

During an interview, she told us his memories of the end of the year celebrations . The 50-year-old comedian and singer talks about her famous Christmases after a performance on stage, the special moments shared with the public and the celebrations in her own way with the theater teams and her family.

Journal des Femmes: Do you have a memorable Christmas memory? An anecdote you would like to share about the holidays?

Christelle Chollet: We have a little thing, us artists, at Christmas, we are often on stage. So, we find ourselves with the whole family, because we leave the stage, it's complicated to prepare a New Year's Eve at home. So we do Christmas at the theater. One year, I was in Bobino, we hadn't organized anything, we found ourselves in a brasserie in Montparnasse to celebrate Christmas all together, with families, friends, children and everything. We brought a mountain of gifts (laughs) to the brewery. They were everywhere, we had everything set up around a table. There weren't many of us, almost the only ones in this brewery and we celebrated Christmas with the family but in a Parisian brasserie . We have friends who came out of stage also who joined us. It really is a great memory. I don't think my daughter has had a Christmas like this since she was born. She could confirm it .

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Once it's at home, once it's in a theater, once it's in this brasserie. So Santa Claus must arrive in this brewery, you have to use tricks when they are little, to say 'You'll see, Santa Claus, he's coming'. Well, I have very different memories. I have a culture of that with my parents, my grandparents. Christmas was always a sublime celebration, which brought together the family of course, but also friends. The neighbors alone or the friends alone, they were at the table with us. It's always been a very important time for us to share and everything.

It's great when you also share the evening with the public, it's really nice parties. People are beautiful, people are dressed, sequined. Christmas and the first of the year, it's really a great thing.

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