Christelle Brua leaves the kitchens of the Elysée

After three years of good and loyal service, Christelle Brua leaves the kitchens of the Elysée to devote herself to new projects.

  Christelle Brua leaves the kitchens of the'Elysée

Christelle Brua made his announcement on Instagram. The pastry chef , who had served for three years in the Elysée kitchens , leave for new adventures. 'It's time for me to turn the Elysian page and devote myself fully to my upcoming project,' wrote Christelle Brua, without revealing more for the moment.

[Updated September 14 at 10:22 a.m.] The young lady, elected 'Best restaurant pastry chef in the world' in 2018 while still working at Pre Catelan , wanted to thank Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron for 'their trust, their benevolence, their support and their listening', but also Guillaume Gomez, former chef of the kitchens of the Elysée, thanks to whom she 'realized a dream'. 'I learned so much by your side,' she added, before asking her followers to stay 'connected' to find out all about her future projects. Christelle Brua, who then added a few emoticons representing a house, keys and chocolate, would she be about to open her own pastry shop? Case to follow!

The biography of Christelle Brua

As a child, Christelle Brua did not dream of baking. Born on July 10, 1977 in Sarrebourg (Moselle), she hopes to become a renowned stylist. Literary baccalaureate in hand, she is about to enter a school. Before, she decides to help her restaurant owners at the Auberge du Grand Soldat in Abreschviller (57) which ' served 80 covers for lunch and dinner without any staff '. In the middle of simmered dishes and small dried fruits, Christelle takes a liking to cooking. ' Styling was creation from fabrics. Today, I create from sugar cubes. '

At 18, here she is learning among much younger students. A CAP puts a BEP in pocket , she decides to take her first steps at Jean-George Klein, in L'Arnsbourg . This well-known, two-starred establishment was like a click when she discovered pastry. ' I was constantly dragging the feet of the chef's mother, Lily, who took care of the desserts. I got up earlier to observe her and question her and as soon as I had a minute, I left my job as cook to go and help her. '


Her thirst for learning leads to many readings - Christelle Brua has more than 2000 books - and a title of Best Apprentice in Moselle . At 25, she became pastry chef at L'Arnsbourg and played a major role in obtaining the third star. But this artist at heart has a fixed idea in her head: to go to Paris and work with Frederic Anton . ' I'm stubborn, I know what I want. I phoned 50 times to be hired by Frédéric Anton at Le Pré Catelan. “During her interview in 2003, she concocted a dessert based on candied pears accompanied by a crunchy chocolate that hit the mark.

With MOF Lorraine, the chemistry is total both in the kitchen and in private life. ' Frédéric Anton is my friend, my confidant, my mentor. 'He attends her wedding, the birth of her son Lucien and does not hesitate to adjust her schedule so that she can continue to flourish in the restaurant nestled in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne. Since 2007 and the arrival of the third star, Christelle Brua accumulates appearances on television ( Top Boss , Le Meilleur Pâtissier), trade shows, books and awards from professionals. High point: the title of 'Best restaurant pastry chef in the world' awarded by Les Grandes tables du monde in 2018. A first for a woman.

How to define Christelle Brua's pastry?

The year 2019 marks a major turning point for the 42-year-old chef when she announces her departure from Pré Catelan to officiate at the Elysée Palace alongside Guillaume Gomez . A carefully considered choice that does not break the unbreakable bond with Frédéric Anton. In 16 years together, her culinary DNA has clearly merged with that of the chef. ' In order not to have a break between salty and sweet, I have always tasted Frédéric's dishes in order to be inspired by his work and create (…) chef's desserts '. Simple, readable but terribly precise and technical desserts . From the Norwegian omelet to the wild strawberry pavlova without forgetting the legendary Paris-Brest served in 2015 to the 150 heads of state present at COP21, the Brua style is unanimously acclaimed. In September 2022, Christelle Brua finally leaves the Elysée after three years of good and loyal service to devote herself to more personal projects.

What are Christelle Brua's emblematic recipes?

But one dessert definitely sticks with the chef's career: the puffed sugar apple garnished with caramel ice cream, cider and sparkling sugar . It sums up his talent and his way of revisiting childhood memories. Around the candy apple. ' We've broken down what's in this product: the apple, the sugar. We wondered what that meant for us. We gave the regressive side with sparkling sugar. But since that wasn't enough, we thought of sweets and therefore Carambar ice cream. '

Magic in the great classics: Christelle Brua is part of the big leagues. And even that of the President!