Chocolate fan? This podcast is for you!

The cooperative Ethiquable is releasing its first podcast entirely dedicated to the world of chocolate. Discover the theme of the different episodes.

 Chocolate fan? This podcast is for you!

Notice to lovers of chocolate ! The Cooperative Society Ethical just launched its podcast What I Bite , an audio program entirely dedicated to the world of chocolate.

Cocoa producers, chocolatiers, researchers, agronomists and chocolatologists are among the list of guests and awaken our minds to deepen our knowledge with their know-how. 'Each episode gives the opportunity to awaken your taste buds like your chocolate spirit', promises Ethiquable.

A first episode already available

Does the theme interest you? The first episode of What I Bite is already online! With the chocolatologist Valentine Tibère, you will learn how to enjoy chocolate through tasting techniques and recognition of aromas and textures.

The second episode will be released on November 22, with guest Frédéric Amiel, author of the book A short history of globalization for chocolate lovers . The expert will trace the path of this delicacy so appreciated throughout the world, from the beverage of the Mayans to the chocolate bar that we all know today.

Finally, on December 15, What I Bite will receive the agronomist Marc Dufumier, who will ask himself the question of a possible shortage of chocolate and the future of cocoa. Listen now to first episode on the platform of your choice !

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