Chocolate Advent Calendar 2022: tops to try

What better remedy for the December days than chocolate? That's great with Advent calendars! At all prices and for all tastes, they will delight young and old. Discover the calendars that are worth it.

  Calendar of the'Avent au chocolat 2022 : les tops à tester

A bite of chocolate and no more problems, you will have! To face the cold end of the year and while waiting for Christmas, treat yourself or treat yourself to a chocolate Christmas calendar! As of December 1, you will be able to open a small window that will warm your heart . From traditional Kinder chocolates to the original flavors of the Chapon chocolate factory, this year again, the Advent calendars are one more delicious than the other . Overview of those who will know delight your taste buds to wait before Christmas with relish.

Calendar of l'Avent Kinder

It's a bit timeless Christmas . Like every year, Kinder is selling its must-have chocolate Advent calendar. Kinder Bueno Mini, Kinder Schoko-Bons, Kinder Country... The star shaped calendar is the safe bet. But this year, the famous brand of chocolate candy is innovating. You will be able to discover new formats such as the 'Stories' Advent calendar. What better time than Christmas to share magical stories with the little ones ? The concept of this calendar is all there: taste each evening a chocolate among the classics of Kinder and discover a bedtime story in a dedicated book. For Christmas 2022, Kinder is also taking us on its train refill of chocolates and to keep as a Christmas decoration!

  • Price: 'Stories' Advent Calendar: 12.99 euros, 'Train' Calendar: 11.99 euros, 'Star' Calendar: 5.99 euros
  • Where to buy it: in supermarkets
  • site of children

Calendrier de l'Avent Hugo & Victor

This year, Hugo & Victor is offering an Advent calendar on the theme of music . In the form of an open book, the calendar is a ode to the good times of Christmas. Moments conducive to bringing us together in delicacy with chocolate and sweet creations all in delicacy.

  • Price: Advent calendar 'Christmas in song': 40 euros
  • Where to buy: in store
  • The website of Hugo & Victor

Carrefour Advent Calendar

Ideal for petits budgets who do not want to deprive themselves, the Carrefour Advent calendars are just as greedy. And this year, you will also find your favorite chocolates in an ORGANIC version.

  • Price: Organic Advent Calendar: 6.90 euros, Festive Advent Calendar: 4.99 euros
  • Where to buy it: at Carrefour
  • site of Carrefour

Cluizel Advent Calendar

Winter is in the spotlight in the Cluizel Advent calendars. In elegant cases r calling a storybook , the calendars of the manufacture hide flavors obtained thanks to quality ingredients which make the reputation of the chocolate maker. 'Grâce d'hiver' is the collection resulting from a recognized and gourmet know-how with, for example, the essentials of the Cluizel house: coated nougats and vanilla gjanduja chocolates.

  • Price: Advent Calendar 'Winter Grace': 45.50 euros
  • Where to buy: in store
  • site of Cluizel

Chapon Advent Calendar

Open the 24 windows and discover 24 delicious creations of the Chapon house. Hidden under colorful Byzantine-style mosaics, the chocolates are original flavors . Are you more of a crunchy vanilla caramel or coriander praline?

  • Price: Advent Calendar 'Byzantium': 54 euros
  • Where to buy: in store
  • site of C afternoon

Flavors and Nature Advent Calendar

Chocolate lovers will be served. Saveurs et Nature's children's calendar offers a wide variety of pure cocoa butter chocolates . And that's not all ! The chocolates are certified organic, without palm oil and made in France.

  • Price: Kids Advent Calendar: $8.99
  • Where to buy: At Naturalia and online
  • site of Flavors & Nature

Alleno and Rivoire Advent Calendar

It's original ! For the 2022 end-of-year celebrations, chefs Yannick Alléno and Aurélien Rivoire have created a unique advent calendar . Every day in December, there will be no question of opening windows but small cartons attached to each other on a piece of wood. In addition to the chocolate creations, each package contains a little note to help you wait before Christmas with smile.

  • Price: 'The Messenger of Advent': 75 euros
  • Where to buy it: In stores and online starting November 8
  • site of Alleno and Rivoire

Belledonne Advent Calendar

Young and old find their account there. To wait before Christmas, the French and family business Belledonne is selling an adult calendar containing different squares of dark chocolate. Children will be able to enjoy a varied and gourmet mix of white and milk chocolate, puffed chocolate balls and a surprise on New Year's Eve !

  • Price: Children's calendar: 11.30 euros, Adult calendar: 14.30 euros
  • Where to buy it: in organic specialty stores and online
  • site of Belledonne

Valrhona Advent Calendar

Every day in December will be an opportunity to a new gourmet surprise . The Valrhona Advent calendar opens like a book and eaten with pleasure. Crispy dark chocolate or raspberry balls, hazelnut almond praline, chocolate coated almonds and hazelnuts... All palates will be satisfied .

  • Price: Advent calendar '24 days of delicacies': 21.50 euros
  • Where to buy it: Delicatessen and online
  • site of Valrhona

Comtesse de Barry Advent Calendar

With its calendar, Comtesse de Barry promises a (re)immersion in childhood. To wait until December 25, let yourself be tempted by tasty sweet surprises hidden behind calendar windows. You will find, for example, fleur de sel chocolate candies, sparkling squares or even milk chocolate in the form of a gourmet snail with gianduja.

  • Price: Chocolate Advent Calendar: 32.90 euros
  • Where to buy: In-store and online
  • the site of the Countess of Barry

Several weeks before the start of the Christmas festivities, all chocolatiers have not yet revealed their schedules Advent and gourmet boxes. To have the exhaustive list of Advent calendars 2022, you will therefore have to wait a little longer!