Chinese horoscope: your week from February 6 to 12, 2023

Our specialist in Chinese astrology has interpreted the constellations for this week which begins. According to your sign, what will be the favorable days and those when you should not rely too much on your luck? The answer with your Chinese zodiac animal in this weekly prediction for February 6-12, 2023.

  Chinese horoscope: your week from February 6 to 12, 2023

CHINESE HOROSCOPE OF THE WEEK. In Asian astrology, the movements of the planets also give you a glimpse of how the coming days will go, from 02/06/2023 to 02/12/2023! You don't know which animal is right for you? You can find it on our article concerning the chinese zodiac signs . So, what should you expect for this week of Monday, February 6, 2023?

Ox weekly horoscope

  Ox weekly horoscope

This period seems decisive in more than one way for the abrupt and positive changes that Long Tri will bring you in the professional field. You will be able to fully realize yourself in a new orientation. Thanks to the good aspects of this benevolent planet, you will know immediately the solutions to remember, the directions to take. Read more from Ox weekly horoscope

Cat or Rabbit Weekly Horoscope

  weekly horoscope cat or rabbit

Agree, the star Loc Ton, the ruler of wealth, will be there to help you increase your income. But be careful, don't think that this chance will protect you from all the whims of Heaven! Even if you feel like it, there is no question of slamming these extra gains without thinking, and even less of being negligent in the management of your budget. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble if you use common sense. Read more from Cat or Rabbit weekly horoscope

Dog Weekly Horoscope

  dog weekly horoscope

The planet Pha Quan will give you some luck financially. But, with this position of the planet Tang Mon, you will have to be wary of the desire for overly expensive purchases that will come to your mind. Also avoid messing up all your investments by relying on uncertain rumours. Read more from dog weekly horoscope

Dragon weekly horoscope

  dragon week horoscope

Your imagination will be very fertile, but more inclined towards evil than towards good. Thus, you will be more alarmist than reason, imagining the worst, for example, at the slightest sore of one of your children or at the most insignificant incident with your spouse. Try to use this beautiful imagination for positive purposes. Read more from Dragon weekly horoscope

Goat Weekly Horoscope

  goat weekly horoscope

Very good period for those who dream of spending moments of calm with their loved one. Take advantage of the soothing action of the star Thien Tho to organize a day of solitude for two, far from the worries of the world. If you live alone and you are in love, this will be the ideal time to declare your flame. Read more from goat weekly horoscope

Horse Weekly Horoscope

  horse weekly horoscope

The period promises to be fertile in events of all kinds, affecting both the community and yourself. But in the midst of this turbulent atmosphere, your personal abilities, thanks to the help of the planet Duong, will have free rein to express themselves fully. Show your usual tenacity don't easily show kindness to those who haven't shown up yet or don't want to prove themselves worthy of your kindness ;} . Read more from Horse weekly horoscope

Monkey weekly horoscope

  monkey weekly horoscope

With the present configuration of the star Tam Thai, an ambiguous atmosphere will set in this time. You really won't know where to draw the line between love and friendship. You will attract homage and sympathy without being able to determine whether you are loved for your mind or for your body. As for the natives living in couple, they will not be able, without knowing the definitive rupture, to escape the feeling of lassitude by carrying out each on their side of the adventures, which however will quickly become more sentimental than they would like. Read more from Monkey weekly horoscope

Pig weekly horoscope

  pig week horoscope

The stars passing through your House V will cause you to seek the limelight in your work. You will know how to give yourself the means to obtain the applause of which you dream. But many of you will find it difficult to balance work, family life and life as a couple. If you are on vacation, things will of course be easier. Read more from Pig weekly horoscope

Rat Weekly Horoscope

  rat weekly horoscope

Good professional prospects thanks to the beautiful aspect of the star Liem Trinh. Well inspired, you will make wise decisions, which will take you a big step forward in your career. We will appreciate you. Read more from Rat weekly horoscope

Rooster Weekly Horoscope

  rooster weekly horoscope

In your work, difficulties are possible, or you will have to make important choices. In addition, the planet Liem Trinh will make you not very lucid at times. Be especially wary of false promises, and try to postpone signing contracts. Read more from Rooster weekly horoscope

Snake weekly horoscope

  snake week horoscope

With the present aspect of the star Dia Khong, the atmosphere of your life as a couple will cool down somewhat, and misunderstandings and various complications will multiply. It will be an aspect of excessive reverie, of illusory tendencies, of disappointments. It is also conducive to infidelity, deception. Singles, an important page of your love life will be written. For some, a long-standing friendship will take on a more intimate turn. Others will experience an irresistible attraction to an attractive person. Read more from Snake weekly horoscope

Tiger Weekly Horoscope

  tiger weekly horoscope

With this aspect of Van Xuong, your professional life will once again be in the spotlight. This planet will make you alternate between enthusiasm and doubt. Sometimes confident and energetic, sometimes worried and timorous, you tend to let your moods rule you. However, if you take a step back and lucidly analyze your situation, you will see that you have nothing to fear and that action and confidence are your best allies. This insight, it is the star Thien Luong who will bring it to you. Read more from Tiger weekly horoscope

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Has your weekly Chinese horoscope helped you better understand the days to come? We hope ! However, do not forget that Asian wisdom is only there to guide your resolutions, but does not decide for you. Know how to take the time to reflect when the subjects are important, and don't forget to appeal to your deep convictions even more than to the advice of the stars, which are only a help in deciphering information that you already know at deep within you...