Chinese horoscope week, from October 3 to 9, 2022

Our specialist in Chinese astrology has interpreted the constellations for this week which begins. According to your sign, what will be the favorable days and those when you should not rely too much on your luck? The answer with your Chinese zodiac animal in this weekly prediction for Monday October 3 to Sunday October 9, 2022.

  Chinese horoscope week, from October 3 to 9, 2022

CHINESE HOROSCOPE OF THE WEEK. In Asian astrology, the movements of the planets also give you a glimpse of how the coming days will go, from 03/10/2022 to 09/10/2022! You don't know which animal is right for you? You can find it on our article concerning the chinese zodiac signs . So, what should you expect for this week of Monday, October 3?

Ox weekly horoscope

  Ox weekly horoscope

Rather serene and relaxed, life together! It must be said that the stars, this time, will encourage dialogue and will strengthen your seduction and your good humor, without forgetting that the planet Dao Hoa in person will dissipate small misunderstandings and will weld you together as on the first day. For many singles of the sign, the period promises to be rather sterile Read more from Ox weekly horoscope

Cat or Rabbit Weekly Horoscope

  weekly horoscope cat or rabbit

Good contacts will be right now. It will therefore be up to you to move, to highlight yourself, and also to give a more positive and more lasting shape to your recently established relationships. A new phase, cheerful, a little frivolous and related to young people, will last from Wednesday to Saturday. For some natives, this atmosphere indicates a flirtation that may become more important, but more in intensity than in duration. Read more from Cat or Rabbit weekly horoscope

Dog Weekly Horoscope

  dog weekly horoscope

This astral ambiance is apt to draw you into illusory worlds, combining a strong idealism with a certain immaturity. You risk confusing dream and reality. This will certainly not lack a certain charm, but will probably lead to an attitude of irresponsibility and dilettanteism which can lead to failures. React, remembering that 'pleasure may be based on illusion, but happiness is based on reality' (Chamfort). Read more from dog weekly horoscope

Dragon weekly horoscope

  dragon week horoscope

The marital climate will improve markedly. All of you who are coming out of a difficult phase as a couple will finally accept dialogue with your spouse or partner, even to make some indispensable concessions. It was time ! Singles, the planet Triet in beautiful aspect will put enthusiasm in your passions and will ensure many triumphs to the most conquerors among you. So it's up to you to enjoy the great romantic flights and all the victories guaranteed on the safari of love! Read more from Dragon weekly horoscope

Goat Weekly Horoscope

  goat weekly horoscope

It is not easy to define the result of the combined action of the stars Hoa Loc, Hoa Tinh and Hong Loan on your health. The first is a factor of dynamism, but it reinforces inner tension and can cause nervous twinges. The second acts as a discipline factor, but it can increase sensitivity to cold and somewhat weaken the bone system by decalcification. And the last highlights the dominant action of the psyche on the physical. All this can give a slightly fluctuating state of health. So you won't have to worry, but remember to learn or practice good lifestyle habits. Read more from goat weekly horoscope

Horse Weekly Horoscope

  horse weekly horoscope

The planet Thanh Long in this aspect will awaken your ambition and give you the heart to work. Beware of one point, however: Thanh Long is quite aggressive, and you will have to be careful not to cause conflict with your working environment. On the other hand, those of you whose professional life has lacked stability lately will regain balance. Read more from Horse weekly horoscope

Monkey weekly horoscope

  monkey weekly horoscope

During this period, you must strive to be objective and impartial on the one hand, and on the other hand not to be too sure of your rights, in order to avoid legal proceedings, to which a compromise would be preferable. . On the other hand, your colleagues will reproach you for your mysterious airs which intrigue or irritate them. Obviously, you hate incursions into your privacy. But this reluctance could be attributed to a feeling of superiority or indifference, and it could be detrimental to you. So adopt a slightly friendlier behavior, without going into gratuitous confidences. Read more from Monkey weekly horoscope

Pig weekly horoscope

  pig week horoscope

Beautiful prospects! You will benefit from favorable circumstances and you therefore do not risk seeing your projects delayed by last minute setbacks. Moreover, far from doubting your abilities, which sometimes happens to you, you will defend your ideas and projects with great vigor. And you will benefit from a particularly sound judgement. You will be able to make wise decisions regarding your professional future. The right choices you make will allow you to begin a superb progression. Towards the end of the period, you will probably get a promotion or achieve some of your highest ambitions. Read more from Pig weekly horoscope

Rat Weekly Horoscope

  rat weekly horoscope

If you have the problem of waking up at night, as you probably will this week, look for sleepiness in neutral reading or in the very attenuated hearing of soft, pleasant music. Consider lighting a low-intensity pilot if necessary. And, why not, make love, or indulge in moderate erotic fantasies. Read more from Rat weekly horoscope

Rooster Weekly Horoscope

  rooster weekly horoscope

If you have the problem of waking up at night, as you probably will this week, look for sleepiness in neutral reading or in the very attenuated hearing of soft, pleasant music. Consider lighting a low-intensity pilot if necessary. And, why not, make love, or indulge in moderate erotic fantasies. Read more from Rooster weekly horoscope

Snake weekly horoscope

  snake week horoscope

The star Hoa Ky should greatly benefit your life as a couple: reconciliation for those who were cold, good weather for lovers, and, for all, a sexual fulfillment that should satisfy you. Enough to consider the future under the best auspices, whatever your projects. Single, fleeting adventures, a priori, are not your thing. But once is not custom and, with the assistance of the planet Luu Nien, a blow of passion is not to be excluded and could even turn out to be very exciting! Read more from Snake weekly horoscope

Tiger Weekly Horoscope

  tiger weekly horoscope

Beware of the people you are going to meet these days, whether in the context of your professional activity or in the sphere of your social relations. You are indeed likely to be drawn by these people into seemingly interesting but actually dangerous adventures in one way or another. Don't take what they charge you at face value, because cheating is in the air. Read more from Tiger weekly horoscope

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Has your weekly Chinese horoscope helped you better understand the days to come? We hope ! However, do not forget that Asian wisdom is only there to guide your resolutions, but does not decide for you. Know how to take the time to reflect when the subjects are important, and don't forget to appeal to your deep convictions even more than to the advice of the stars, which are only a help in deciphering information that you already know at deep inside you...