Chimène Badi: her body, her relationship with Julien, why they won't have children...

All smiles on Chimene Badi! The star, very thin, confided in Gala about her romance with her companion, a PE teacher, and their decision to start a family for 'two'.

  Chimène Badi: her body, her relationship with Julien, why they don't'auront pas d'enfants...

At 38, Chimene Badi seems to have found a perfect balance between his career as an artist and his private life. With a all new silhouette that she posts on social networks, the beautiful brunette radiates happiness, to the delight of her fans! And to feel comfortable in his sneakers, the interpreter of Between us was able to count on Julien, his companion for six years , physical education teacher in a college in the south-west of France .
Locked up, Delivered... In an interview for Closer, Chimène Badi explained that the Spring Lockdown for two had been very beneficial. ' In fact, the first confinement allowed me to find myself' , she assured, adding: ' So I had two months to play sports, eat healthy, take time for myself in peace, to sleep'.
Forced isolation, but not suffered for the singer, who shed a few pounds and made peace with herself.

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His beautiful meeting with Julien

Since 2014, Chimène Badi and Julien spin the perfect love .

The couple returned to their meeting, in the south of France, in the columns of Gala.

'I immediately liked him, I found him handsome and charming. I went back several times, doing everything possible for him to spot me: ultra-feminine in a short skirt, wearing makeup. And I sent him a note,' told the pretty thirty-something.

Immediately under the spell of the young man, Chimène Badi therefore tried to capture his attention by using an unusual flirting technique…

' She wrote me a letter, old fashioned!' , said Julien. ' It may seem unconscious on the part of someone known, me, it touched my heart. J I found the approach very romantic . I was looking forward to meeting her and discovering her. And I also found her charming. remembered the one who ' concocted a very good meal 'for the birthday of his beautiful, October 30, according to Closer.

Very in love with her fiancé, the former candidate of Popstars is full of praise for the latter. ' Julien made me grow. I became a woman, thanks to him' , unveiled the singer, who almost lost her voice in 2013. The latter had been faced with a loss of voice and had to remain silent for several months. She had confided that it took a year to 'find your voice' ...

'I don't want to be a mother'

If their romance is in good shape, Chimène Badi revealed that she did not dream of a baby to mother .

' I don't know how to explain why I don't want children , it is in me. I don't want to be a mother, that's all.' she told Gala.

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A choice also supported by his lover, who defended his beloved.

' In 2020, shouldn't a woman be free to dispose of her body? Not wanting kids shouldn't be up for debate.' affirmed the sports educator, who concluded:

'Whatever, we are too sensitive to become parents. Society is too violent in my opinion.'