Children's hairstyles: cuts for girls and boys

Finished the bowl cut for boys and the demure bob for girls! From now on, children (and parents) want originality. Discover our advice to find the ideal haircut for your dear blonde head.

  Children's hairstyles: cuts for girls and boys

How to do your child's hair according to his hair type? What cuts are trending this year? All parents have experienced this famous morning crisis, when it is necessary to disentangle the hair of the little one, to tame the ear of the medium and to make the braid of the big one! If overall little girls prefer to have the long hair , which allows you to change more often hairdressing , others love their short square and wouldn't change it for the world. On the side of boys , we see emerging several trends . Some parents are fans of c very short hair, while others prefer to leave their boys a short length. Girl or boy , the most important thing is to adapt a cut that is attractive, practical and does not interfere with the child at school or in his daily activities. We therefore forget the hairstyles that are too degraded with the locks that fall into the eyes or the bangs that are too long.

What hairstyle for a boy?

Find the ideal cut for a little boy sometimes a puzzle. Unlike girls with whom the possibilities of hairstyles are endless, the choice is more limited with little guys. The latter are sometimes however as pretty as the girls and also dream of a original cut. If your child is old enough to express his opinion, do not hesitate to involve him in the choice of cut . Rule number 1, it is always better to rely on a competent hairdresser. Not only will he be able to advise you on the the most suitable cut according to your child's face , texture and color of his hair, but above all he will be able to make the cut without a hitch. If your son has rather soft hair, don't hesitate to leave his neck a little long. The little romantic side of the lord is absolutely adorable! But in this case, we obviously avoid too short bangs under penalty of falling into a 'bowl' effect completely out of fashion. If your little boy has a rather round face, it is better to avoid cuts that are too short and leave a little length. Conversely, with a boy with a very thin or elongated face, choose a shorter or even brush cut. Whatever your child's cut, if there is a special occasion, do not hesitate to put a touch of gel on it for a slightly disheveled effect. decoration . He will love it!

What hairstyle for a boy with curly hair?

All moms will tell you that. See our little boys lose their baby curls is always heartbreaking! Some children, however, will keep them and it will then be necessary to find a suitable cut. When they are small, there is no point in cutting their hair too short. On the contrary, it is better to leave them a little length with natural curls, avoiding cuts that are too strict. Little boys can also wear a small square of curls for a trendy and adorable style. Don't hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice and don't go for a haircut yourself on your son's curly head.

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Hairstyles for girls with long hair

With the long hair , everything is possible ! For school, it is better to opt for a practical hairstyle , especially on sports class days. Queue de cheval, demi-queue, nattes ... The possibilities are limitless. For a special occasion, you can decorate your little girl's hairstyle with barrettes, a scarf, a pretty headband or any other colorful and glittery accessory! On the cutting side, if your little girl absolutely wants to keep her hair very long, you can just go to the hairdresser from time to time to cut the ends and restore them. While keeping the length, it is also quite possible to consider a small gradient or a fringe.

Hairstyles for girls with short hair

If your little girl has short hair (or that you had to cut her off because she had lice !) this does not mean that she will not be able to have a pretty original hairstyle. If she has very straight hair, it is possible to consider a pretty plunging bob that frames the face or even a slight layer to give a little volume. If, on the contrary, she has supple or even downright curly hair, let her curls live their life by texturizing them with a little mousse without degrading the cut too much, in order to avoid hair that hangs back! For a wedding, a birthday, a baptism or any other somewhat exceptional event, there's no reason why your daughter shouldn't take the opportunity to have fun with her hair. A pretty barrette, a hint of curling iron, a half ponytail with a colored scrunchie, and you're done.

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Hairstyle for Afro Style Girls

The frizzy hair of your little girl require special attention. Very fragile, they need to be washed and treated with the greatest care using suitable products. When well cared for, curly, frizzy and voluminous hair gives style! You can leave your princess's hair natural, or on the contrary opt for glued braids, additions or vanilla (twists made with two strands of hair).

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Hairstyle for girls: we hurry for the braids

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Say goodbye to the two braids on the side of the head! Now little girls want to look like the Snow Queen or Rapunzel, they want original and daring hairstyles. Indian braids, African braids, braided bun, spike braids, crown , you will see that the possibilities are endless.