Child mask: no obligation for the start of the 2022 school year

More compulsory since March 14, the start of the 2022 school year will also take place without a mask at school, in accordance with the degree of health protocol decided by the Ministry of Education, and made public this Tuesday, August 23. And if, over the course of the year, the level is likely to change, here is a selection of disposable or fabric masks suitable for children. Sometimes you would have thrown away the old...

This Tuesday, August 23, 2022, the Ministry of Education made public the degree of protocol planned for the start of the school year, and decided in concert with the unions. Having opted for the so-called 'base' level, i.e. the lowest, students will not have to wear a mask on a mandatory basis. . This level indeed plans to follow the measures enacted by the Ministry of Health, and without official announcement on this side, the students are therefore exempt from a mask, even if those who want or have to can wear it within the framework. of an individual approach. Since March 14, 2022, students have been able to remove the mask during lessons, but may have to wear it again if the Covid 19 virus experiences an epidemic outbreak.

However, it is strongly recommended to put a mask on your child for 7 days if there is contact. Also, the mask is all the more recommended in health places - pharmacies, health centers, medical biology laboratories - and remains compulsory in the Hospitals of Paris... Here are some tips and models of masks for children:

Children's mask: which models to choose, where to buy them?

Where to get masks in store? Masks adapted to the size of children are sold in pharmacies , but also in some large retail stores, such as Monoprix which offers category 1 washable masks for children. At Intermarché, you can also find disposable masks, sold by 10, for children, and Carrefour and Auchan also have models for little ones. Ready-to-wear brands like Vertbaudet also offer cloth face masks of category 1. Some other specialized brands are innovative and offer children playful models or the effigy of their favorite characters, to make them want to wear it without taking it off.

The Beautiful Mask, made in France

For the Back to School , Le Beau Masque renews its collection of category 1 fabric masks, labeled AFNOR and oeko-tex standard, 100% French manufacturing. From checks to florals to unicorns, the back-to-school collection features over 30 colorful, age-appropriate designs. The masks have elastics designed for children's ears and are machine washable 50 times at 60°C. They can also be used for sports! Price: from 5.90 the child mask, Info on

Papa Spade and Mama sewing masks

Category 1, the masks offered by the pretty brand Papa Pique and Mama Coud filter more than 90% of fine particles (3 µm) for up to 40 washes. Composed of an assembly of 100% cotton fabrics, they respect the skin but also the environment. Comfortable and pretty, they are also breathable, an essential criterion to be able to wear them for 4 hours! Price: 7 euros. Info about

Mask Papa Pique and Maman Coud

Thuasne Kid Security masks

The French medical group Thuasne offers reusable (up to 100 uses) category 1 fabric masks for children entirely developed and manufactured in France. Filtering 99% of 3 μm particles, Kid Security masks are Oeko-Tex® certified, and therefore do not contain harmful substances. The symmetrical construction of the fabrics allows them to have identical filtering power in both directions: children protect themselves and protect others. Price: 7.95 euros. Info about .

Masques Kid Security

Isko Vital masks

Launched in Spring 2020 by Isko Denim Group, Isko Vital masks have been AFNOR certified. Eco-responsible, durable and resistant, these category 1 masks can be washed up to 30 times and have Sanitazed anti-bacterial protection. Available in different colors, they have a bacterial filtration efficiency of over 95%, which means that they filter at least 95% of the particles emitted with an average size of 3 microns. Price: 15 euros for 3 masks. Info about .


Cocorico masks

Category 1 and AFNOR certified, the Cocorico masks have a filtration rate of more than 99% (filtration of 3μm particles: 99.7% and filtration of 1μm particles: 99.3%). Made in France in Pont Audemer, they are breathable thanks to their polypropylene composition and washable 50 times at 60 degrees. Price: 18.70 euros for 5 masks. Info about


Vistaprint Masks

Vistaprint offers masks certified for the general public in category 1 equipped with a filtration system with a new nanofiber filter integrated inside. These masks filter 90% of particles in accordance with AFNOR specifications for breathability and filtration. Reusable and machine washable (50 washes), they limit the production of waste. Another advantage, they are resistant thanks to their reinforced seams, and, for each reusable mask purchased, Vistaprint donates a portion of the proceeds to support local communities who are bearing the brunt of the effects of the coronavirus. Price: €12.50. Information on


An anti-fog kit for children who wear glasses

Does your child wear glasses that fog up from wearing a mask? To remedy this problem, ZEISS offers an easy-to-use kit. It is composed of a anti-fog spray and a microfiber cloth to distribute the product perfectly. In the morning, before going to school, children only have to apply this spray to both sides of the glasses, then dry them with the dedicated microfiber cloth. Price: 9.90 euros. Anti-fog kit available in pharmacies and at ZEISS partner opticians .

Anti-fog kit

How to transform an adult surgical mask for a child?

It is difficult to find a child-sized surgical mask. To remedy this problem, Olivia Cui, a Canadian dentist, posted a video on TikTok to learn how to transformer un masque adulte en surgical mask child . To start, fold the mask in half lengthwise.

With the rubber bands, tie a knot on each side, as close as possible to the mask. Open this one, and you'll see small openings on the sides: fold them inwards. Then help your child put on their mask, and it's in the pocket!