Chignon: 50 trendy inspirations to tie your hair

  Chignon: 50 trendy inspirations to tie your hair The bun is a hairstyle that clears the face well. Worn high, low or styled, it gives style to your face. Trends and techniques for doing your bun well.

We are inspired by the buns of stars!

What are the different types of buns?

The chignon bun

Ultra trendy, the chignon bun wins all the votes. It can be classic or very trendy, so it is easily adaptable to all your desires and your looks. It's quick and easy to make, all you need is a bun at home.

one. Fix your hair in queue-de-cheval with a rubber band

2. Pass the end of your hair through the bun and wrap it around, then, using pins, secure it.

The fuzzy bun

The fuzzy bun will give you a casual look, a bit wild and falsely neglected if you have the right hair length. 1.R raise your hair in a fairly loose ponytail and, at the last round of elastic , leave the tip of your hair in it to form a big curl.

2. Mess up the curl with your fingers to achieve that desired fuzzy look.

3. Then using bobby pins, fix your hair around the elastic without tightening it too much to keep a messy and relaxed effect.

The banana bun

1. straighten your hair then, if you wish, draw a parting.

2. Pull your hair up in a single bundle, slightly off center to the right or left.

3. Twist your hair to the left. Then wedge the protruding tips into the hollow of the banana.

4. Secure with bobby pins.

The dancer bun

This chignon, very simple, is just as elegant. It requires very few accessories.

1. Straighten your hair and brush it back.

2. Take your hair as if you were going to do a low ponytail. Secure with an elastic. Split the length of your ponytail in half and start twisting the two strands.

3. Roll up the twist so you can make a bun. fix your dancer bun using pins.

How to make a simple and beautiful bun?

The hair bun is a timeless hairstyle that follows your desires and goes perfectly with all fashions:

  • If you want a trendy and romantic bun , opt for a bun with a headband. After placing the headband on the top of your head, wrap your hair strands around it and let some hair stick out for a bohemian look.
  • For a stricter bun, set your sights on the classic dancer bun that you can accessorize with hair jewelry for a less severe style.
  • If you're a fan of the chignon bun, but want a variation, make the chignon pun. It's a mix between the chignon bun and the ponytail that gives you a sophisticated and relaxed effect.

Other models of buns