Chiara Mastroianni: her secrets with Deneuve, her children, her ex Benjamin Biolay...

Chiara Mastroianni, essential actress of French cinema and daughter of two sacred monsters, celebrates her 50th birthday. The opportunity to look back on his journey, his loves, his secrets...

  Chiara Mastroianni: her secrets with Deneuve, her children, her ex Benjamin Biolay...

With her cat-like gaze, her mole and her trendy pedigree, it's impossible to miss Chiara Mastroianni. The actress, daughter of Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni, has never ceased to seduce directors and spectators with his always accurate filmography. As she celebrates her 50th birthday on May 28, a look back at the confidences of this child of the ball.

Chiara Mastroianni, as a teenager: 'I was monstrous'

When you see her as a baby in the arms of a sculptural Catherine Deneuve, it's hard to imagine that she will become an ungrateful teenager. Asked by L'Express Styles on her adolescence, she confides: ' I was monstrous. I dove deep into the Madness look with shell Doc Martens and oversized boy jackets .' Explaining missing all her haircuts and wearing rings: ' I looked like the bad guy with the steel teeth in James Bond! '

Her daughter Anna, 'much stronger' than her at her age

Mother of two children - Milo, born in 1996 from her union with the sculptor Pierre Torreton, and Anna, born in 2003 from her marriage to Benjamin Biolay -, Chiara Mastroianni confided her admiration for her daughter, then a teenager. ' She is much stronger than I was at her age. Me, I wanted to disappear. I didn't save any photos , I destroyed everything. '

Chiara Mastroianni, very close to her mother: 'I moved into the street behind her!'

If we often mention her famous parents, she willingly claims her close relationship with her mother Catherine Deneuve. “We have a very strong bond in life , she explains to the magazine She . I actually moved into the street behind her house! It is above all the district of Paris (Saint Sulpice, editor's note) where I grew up, where my children grow up... ' A life in the 6th arrondissement, the place of his childhood, between memories and nostalgia.

Chiara Mastroianni, separated from Benjamin Biolay: 'We get along better now!'

No way for the actress to bow to the dictates of a classic family life. Very happy at the head of her blended family, she explains that she has excellent relations with her ex-husband Benjamin Biolay. ' I say as a joke that we get along better now than before! We have a great relationship, it's true. It's the result of a will, because we have a child together. “Becoming a parental couple, getting along well for her child, is also what Chiara was able to experience with her own parents, who” always made sure to see each other as friends ' for her.

Chiara Mastroianni on the paparazzi: 'I could become violent'

Behind her apparent serenity, the 50-year-old actress has never known how to cope with the pressure of the celebrity press, as she still confides in the columns of the magazine. She . 'I could get violent' , she says. Before specifying having been traumatized by her experiences as a child: ' When I was little, it was the Italian paparazzi, who ran into you in the street to provoke you, it terrified me. '

Chiara Mastroianni, an actress who doubts

Interpretation Prize at Cannes in 2019 in the category Un Certain Regard -For the movie Room 212 by Christophe Honoré-, Chiara Mastroianni nevertheless confided in her doubts, on the set of C to you . ' It's not very original, it must be the case for many actors ', comparing her job to that of a 'jester'. At a good school with her parents aware of having had exceptional careers, she explains that she has always kept her feet on the ground.

After 40 movies, there is no longer any question of doubting her talent, for the one who multiplies the challenges: accompanying her musician ex-husband, or on stage at the theater, Chiara Mastroianni has not finished leaving her comfort zone… To our greatest delight.