Cher is 77: Her real name, her origins, plastic surgery, her fortune... know everything!

Happy birthday ! A veritable Swiss army knife since the beginning of her career, Cher is as well known for her legendary hits as for her major roles in cinema. This Saturday, May 20, 2023, the planetary star blows out its 77th candle. The opportunity to take stock of his busy life!

  Cher is 77: Her real name, her origins, plastic surgery, her fortune... know everything!

If his notoriety has not always been obvious, Dear has been a legendary star in the United States and around the world for several decades. Become a true fashion icon, she inspired the greatest creators and continue, from the top of his 77 years , to collaborate with the most specialized among them. Starting with the Frenchie Olivier Rousteing who made her parade for Balmain just last year. Renowned for her hits, such as Strong Enough And Believe , she also excelled in the cinema. She even won several awards: cannes film festival , at the Golden Globes and even the Oscar for best actress in 1988 ! A busy career that she does not intend, until proven otherwise, to abandon anytime soon. And that comes with a most tumultuous personal life.

What is Cher's real name?

Dear, from son vrai nom Cherilyn Sarkisian , was therefore born in El Centro, a small town in California, United States. Daughter of a truck driver who left the marital home at birth, and of a mother, Georgia Holt, who tried all her life to make herself known as a model and actress, she has many origins. She is Armenian by her father, and Cherokee, French and Irish by her mother. . Nice track record, isn't it? Children, Cher and her half-sister Georganne were both adopted by their mother's fifth husband, Gilbert Hartmann LaPierre , a consultant in the petroleum industry.

Does Cher have children?

Cher moved from her native California to Hollywood at the age of 16. And it was here that she met the man with whom she began her career, and with whom she was married twice: Sonny Bono . Together they formed a duo for a few years, Sonny and Cher, they had one son, transgender activist Chaz Bono (b. 1969) …And they divorced twice!

After this tumultuous relationship, the artist welcomed a second son, Elijah Blue Allman (b. 1976) , which she had with Gregg Allman, with whom she was also married for two years. She also had a lot of ultra-high profile relationships, especially one with Tom Cruise .

Who is Cher's current mate?

Since November 6, 2022, when the singer formalized this relationship, she is in a relationship with a certain Alexander Edwards , an American music producer and rapper 40 years her junior , known for being the father of Amber Rose's son. And for his break with the latter! In effect, the end of their relationship had caused a stir since Alexander Edwards had admitted to having cheated on her with at least twelve other women...

​​​​​​ But that doesn't seem to worry Cher. Because, as suggested by a photo posted by the main concerned on Christmas Day - shot where we see a ring set with diamonds -, the star and her 37-year-old man may well be engaged . And even if the American press announced their breakup six months after their meeting, their relationship seems to hold. They were spotted holding hands in the front row of the Versace fashion show in Los Angeles last March… Keep it up!

Has Cher had plastic surgery?

The singer, often mocked on the Web for her physical appearance which does not hide her recourse to the scalpel and seems to have frozen her in a kind of eternal youth, does not comment on her operations of plastic surgery . ' I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs and I never have. I workout. I have a fairly healthy diet, apart from that I love chocolate' , had entrusted Cher to NBC to justify his youth.

But the Mail Online , for her part, did not hesitate to detail what she did as cosmetic surgery: she had several times recourse to the rhinoplasty , facelift and dental surgery .

What is Cher's fortune?

In 2002, the magazine Rolling Stone claimed that Cher's fortune could be close to $600 million. An astronomical sum which was then immediately denied by the main concerned. Cher had then indicated that he was at the head of a fortune not exceeding 150 million dollars.

According to the latest information, revealed by the newspaper metro news , Cher could now own as much as $305 million. Besides, the star owns several sumptuous villas around the world: one in Aspen, Colorado, another in London, one in Malibu where she lives most of the time, and finally a last one in Hollywood. She would also have saved her family by buying them real estate!