Charles III: This chic cocktail that he allows himself EVERY day (and those favorites of the royal family)!

King Charles III has, like his late mother Queen Elizabeth II, a particular drink that he consumes every day. The new British monarch, with crazy habits, is thus a loyal customer of...

  Charles III: This chic cocktail that'il s'autorise TOUS les jours (et ceux préférés de la famille royale) !

One cocktail per day , the recipe for happiness (or anti-aging)? The new king Charles III has been accustomed for several years to to be served a very elegant cocktail every day by its staff . A routine that is reminiscent of that of his mother, the deceased Queen Elizabeth II who liked to drink a gin and tonic. But what does the British sovereign drink?

Charles III and alcohol: what cocktail does he drink?

The king would allow himself one alcoholic drink a day, which is not really recommended by the world of health... And not just any drink since it is a Martini dry . But beware, the king appreciates it in only one way: l The glass should be half filled with gin, then the other half with white vermouth . To this must be added a lemon zest and an olive . And Charles III wants his cocktail to be stirred with a spoon and not a shaker , relate the Daily Mail . A quite subtle difference to which he is attached.

The king is so attached to his daily cocktail that when he is on the move, he takes his glass with him, and asks his staff to have the necessary to prepare his Martini dry whenever he wishes ; let's not forget that the new king would also move around with a toilet seat...

An eccentric requirement but Charles is not the only member of the Windsor clan in this case... His wife Camilla Parker Bowles , for his part, does not do without his glass of wine, generally from the Pomerol de Bordeaux appellation . Both therefore enjoy their favorite drink, before each evening meal.

British Royal Family: Who's Drinking What?

Within the British royal family, there are many tastes. And for each member, an associated cocktail! The late princess of hearts, Lady Di , for example, fell for the Bellini , a cocktail made with prosecco and peach nectar, popular with Italians. Queen Elizabeth II had her habits, as did her son. Only difference? The latter liked to drink her cocktail at 1 p.m. Pile. This is a cocktail consisting of one-third gin and two-thirds Dubonnet (sweet and flavored wine-based aperitif, editor's note) as well as two ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

For his part, the prince Philip was simply falling for a... very cold beer , who was none other than a Mancunian Boddington. A simple taste shared by his grandson, the prince William who equally appreciates the blonde as the brunette. Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton , leans more towards a glass of Jack Daniels , from time to time but this one also enjoyed a cocktail called the Crack Baby , made with passion fruit juice, vodka, raspberry liqueur and champagne.

The Duke of Sussex , he has abandoned the glasses of alcohol for green juices , filled with benefits. The Cîroc Ultra is therefore a thing of the past. Meghan Markle , his wife, has a crush on a Tuscan rogue wine, called Tignanello. A family of tastes.