Charles III gets carried away: bloodshed for a trifle - VIDEO

Was Charles III having a bad day? Coming to sign a guestbook at his residence in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland, the new king of England was particularly annoyed. In question ? A faulty pen… A shot of blood filmed and gone viral.

  Charles III s'emporte : coup de sang pour une broutille - VIDEO

Could the New Englander be a grumpy brunette? In a video that has gone viral, we discover how Charles III lost his temper over a trifle. On Tuesday September 13, the father of William and Harry was visiting Belfast at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland accompanied by his wife, Queen Consort Camilla. A first official visit during which the British monarch came out of his hinges.

Charles III angrily: ' I hate that !'

King Charles sat down at his desk to sign a guest book when he appeared troubled. The reason ? A few drops of ink escaped from the pen he held in his hand, smudging his fingers as he passed. It was enough for the monarch to lose his temper. ' Oh my god I hate this ' he exclaimed as he stood up and handed the pen to his wife Camilla. I can't stand this damn thing!', he outbid, visibly very angry. A mood swing that did not fail to make ink flow...

Charles III, his behavior is already the target of mockery

Since his accession to the throne on September 10 after the death of the Queen Elizabeth II , Charles III is already the target of mockery . His attitude does not pass with Internet users . During his oath, the new monarch had to sign numerous documents to formalize his title. In a video that circulated on social networks, we see him getting annoyed at the staff who did not get rid of the inkwell on the desk. ' The servant has to clear my office for me. You can't expect me to move things' , he was exasperated.

But that's not all. In a second video, he makes a very directive hand gesture to his assistant. Shocked, Internet users immediately judged his behavior haughty and contemptuous. Enough to arouse lively mockery! Not sure that the British people feel the same fervor for Charles as for the late monarch... Will the cups and other trinkets bearing the image of the royal family continue to sell well?