Charlene of Monaco: The princess reveals a new photo of her children, Gabriella displays an unstructured haircut

It is a very proud mother who posted a new photo on Instagram: Friday, October 21, 2022, Charlene of Monaco posted a snapshot of her children. And her daughter, Princess Gabriella, is showing off a new haircut.

  Charlene of Monaco: The princess reveals a new photo of her children, Gabriella displays an unstructured haircut

On Friday October 21, 2022, Monegasque schoolchildren began their All Saints' Day holidays. On Instagram, Princess Charlene of Monaco took advantage of this last day of school before a well-deserved break to unveil a new photo of her children, aged 7, wise as images.

Gabriella of Monaco: a new haircut for the princess

On the publication of the photo in question, Charlene de Monaco wrote in caption: ' They grow too fast. ' Hereditary Prince Jacques of Monaco (who also holds the title of Marquis des Baux) can be seen alongside his sister, Princess Gabriella (Countess of Carladès), both posing in a classy photo, with their uniforms from the François d'Assise-Nicolas Barré primary school . A detail jumped out at the eyes of the followers: the haircut of the lady.

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Indeed, Gabriella at ditched her big bouffant bangs of the past few months in favor of curtain bangs . We also note that she now has much longer hair. A somewhat surprising unstructured cut that makes you smile as we know the passion of Charlene's daughter and her husband the prince Albert of Monaco for scissors. Last September, in another photo of her children, the former South African swimmer wrote: ' Gabriella gave her and her brother a new haircut. Can't wait for school to resume on Monday. '

Gabriella and Jacques of Monaco: who are they most like?

Under the publication of the princess, we could see a debate raging between the fans to know who Gabriella and Jacques hold the most between their two famous parents. ' The princess looks like her father and the prince looks like her mom, you each have your own ', ' Both look like you madly ', ' A beautiful mix of you and your husband' , ' Gabriella reminds me of Princess Stephanie ', ' Gabriella: mini mama. Adorable ' or ' I find that Gabriella is more the dad when Jacques is more his mother '...

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Not very talkative about their children, Albert and Charlene of Monaco had however made some confidences in 2015, to the Australian journalist Richard Barnes. ' They like to interact a lot with each other and they are very comfortable with people, very enthusiastic with other children. ', said Charlene. Since then, they have grown well and have undoubtedly each developed a strong personality. But they receive the same education and the same values. Starting with the ecological commitment of the prince. ' I want to leave the choice to my children [to engage in action, editor's note], but I fear, unfortunately, that they will always be forced for several generations to fight to save what can be saved on our planet ', he said last July to Monaco Matin .