Charlene of Monaco's daughter cuts her bangs and her brother's hair

Irregular bangs and short locks: Charlene de Monaco's children are showing off new original haircuts... The proof is in the photos.

 Charlene of Monaco's daughter cuts her bangs and her brother's hair

At only 7 years old, Gabriella de Monaco already seems to have a strong attraction for hairdressing since she has, once again, decided to cut her hair . This time around, the daughter of Prince Albert II and Charlene of Monaco also tried to refresh her brother Jacques' haircut.

The frange house of Gabriella de Monaco

Charlene of Monaco published on September 3, 2022, two photos on her Instagram account revealing the new hair look of her twins, Gabriella and Jacques. The princely couple's daughter has decided to play hairdresser by cutting her own hair, now sporting a irregular bangs . His brother Jacques also paid the price for this hair fad since Gabriella shortened a few locks for him on the front of his haircut, which displays a hazardous gradient. ' Gabriella has decided to give herself and her brother a new haircut! Can't wait for school to start on Monday... ', wrote Charlene of Monaco in the caption of this Instagram post which received a host of amused comments from Internet users.

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Gabriella de Monaco, serial coiffeuse

This isn't the first time Gabrilla of Monaco has grabbed scissors to transform her haircut. Indeed, during the summer of 2021, the one who has the title of Countess of Carladès displayed a very sharp punk bangs which her mother tried to catch up, as she pointed out in an Instagram post. Thus, the young girl follows in the footsteps of Charlene de Monaco who likes to show off with rock'n'roll hairstyles and haircuts, going from a shaved head on the side to a discolored boyish cut.