Charlène de Cia, founder of Reevolt: 'We are developing a free app that allows you to get paid to reduce your electricity bill'

Reducing your electricity bill without doing anything, or almost, while earning money, that's what Reevolt offers. With her companion, who is also her partner, Charlène de Cia created the first participatory kitty dedicated to energy. Meeting with one of the three finalists of the 6th edition of the Perle de Lait Trophy which honors women entrepreneurs with committed and innovative projects.

  Charlène de Cia, founder of Reevolt: 'We are developing a free application that allows you to'être payé pour réduire sa facture d'électricité"

Reevolt meets the challenge of energy sobriety. How was the project born?

We are both engineers and have three children at home. We were already aware of the energy and environmental problem, our wish was to act as well for the planet as for us. In the meantime, the war in Ukraine has accentuated the decline in the purchasing power of the French. We could not suffer without doing anything, we had to 'revolt' and propose a solution that addresses these two issues: the energy and climate crisis, and purchasing power.

What concrete solutions do you offer?

We've developed a free mobile app slated for release in April 2023 that will allow everyone to get paid for their electricity saving efforts. Clearly, if you consume less electricity than the day before, you are paid via your Reevolt kitty, which you can then use in our partner brands. To go further, we have developed smart objects (sockets, bulbs, heating modules), capable of turning off the light and lowering the heating if you forgot to do so when you left. Ideal for dizzy people, especially since the kitty fills up when the devices turn off!

Reevolt, a free mobile application that allows everyone to be paid to reduce their energy consumption.

What excites you about entrepreneurship?

All ! The freedom, the daily challenges, the fact of having to go from one subject to another, that's what makes us vibrate.

What does the Perle de Lait Trophy mean to you?

The Perle de Lait Trophy represents the promotion of women's work and I am proud to be one of them and to be able to show it. This competition is enormous visibility for a small start-up from Charente like ours.

What are your plans if you win the Perle de Lait Trophy?

The Perle de Lait Trophy would allow us to accelerate the development of the application and in particular to take into account the feedback from the first users to make improvements. Their opinions are very important to us.

Vote and try to win a Solikend solidarity stay or a gift card valid on a selection of online stores of former Perle de Lait Trophy finalists! At the end of the public vote, the Perle de Lait Trophy will go to the entrepreneur who has received the most votes.