Chantal Ladesou escaped rape: 'It was dreadful'

Chantal Ladesou, who entertains the public every week as a juror for the Mask Singer show on TF1, however hides a sad secret. The 74-year-old comedian and actress nearly got raped on a boat...

 Chantal Ladesou escaped rape: 'C'était redoutable"

Chantal Ladesou  delights us every week in the jury of Mask Singer season 4 with his scathing lines, his punchy humor and his contagious good humor. But behind his legendary banter, the 74-year-old comedian hides some wounds from the past. The actress, expected at the end of September on the stage of the Porte Saint Martin theater in the play entitled 1983 , was sexually assaulted when she was young, but only rarely mentions this episode in her life.

Chantal Ladesou almost got raped

' I nearly TO DO violate In a boat . It was a boy who wanted to show me his boat, I thought that was very nice. Well, it was still after midnight... He showed me around and then, all of a sudden, boom, he threw me in a cubicle and he tried “, she confided in 2017 at the microphone of RTL, in the Big heads, program of which she is a long-time resident with Laurent Ruquier .

Fortunately, the star managed to escape from his attacker . ' I really struggled, kicked, kicked where needed, bit, etc. It was dreadful “, she had specified. But this memory remains well anchored in the memory of the one who has been married for about fifty years with Michel Ansault.

Chantal Ladesou, facing the death of her son

There are other memories that are all the more unbearable for Chantal Ladesou, who has known the worst: the loss of a child . In 1996, his son, Alix, was died in a road accident . ' It's still in me. That is to say, I think about it every day. But life is there, the family is there... I got over it, but I can't take it “, she confided on Paris Première. She is also the happy mother of Julien (married to the actress and ex-Miss Météo de Canal + Pauline Lefevre) as well as Clémence (who gave her the reply in the play Nelson ).