Chantal Goya: Her husband rejects a VIP in the dressing rooms! Furious, he covers him with insults

While Chantal Goya was back on stage with a cult show from the 1980s, a member of show business was turned backstage by her husband Jean-Jacques Debout. Who and why? We explain to you.

  Chantal Goya: Her husband rejects a VIP in the dressing rooms! Furious, he covers him with'insultes

It is with a cult show from the 1980s that Chantal Goya signed her big return to the stage of the Palais des Congrès on October 8 and 9, 2022. A musical tale created and staged by her husband Jean-Jacques Debout for this same Parisian performance hall in 1980, The Flying Shoe has become Chantal Goya's legendary show. At the end of the performance, the singer of Snipe , on whom time seems to have no hold, had chosen to gather some friends to celebrate his 80 spring around a birthday cake. A perfect evening unfortunately overshadowed by the presence of an unwanted visitor.

Who is this guest who got turned away from Chantal Goya's party?

According to the revelations of the magazine France Sunday , after the show, businessman Pierre-Jean Chalençon would have liked to go backstage to greet Chantal Goya with whom he has repeatedly declared himself a friend on his social networks . But Jean-Jacques Debout, perhaps cooled by the recent controversies which revolve around the passionate collector of Napoleon Bonaparte - in particular the story of clandestine dinners at the height of the coronavirus pandemic -, would have asked the security guards not to leave him. walk in. The latter would then have evacuated Pierre-Jean Chalençon.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon, why is he angry with the husband of Chantal Goya?

Thanked two years ago by the production of Deal done (France 2) after the publication of a photo with Dieudonné taken during a birthday of Jean-Marie Le Pen then again at the heart of the controversy after being accused of having organized luxurious clandestine dinners at the Palais Vivienne, Pierre-Jean Chalençon cultivates the art of bad buzz . It is easy to imagine that all this bad press could have been at the origin of a falling out between the collector and his friends of more than 30 years, Jean-Jacques Debout and Chantal Goya. A friendship that they have always displayed on social networks as in the press people, posing together for photographers at parties and other events. But Pierre-Jean Chalençon, still according to France Sunday wouldn't really appreciate being turned away by his friends. Accompanied by Luigi, Dalida's nephew, the expert in Napoleonic history is said to have declared, dropping insults: ' I'm off, fuck them! '

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Chantal Goya, 80 years old on stage

Hyperactive singer undecided to retire, Chantal Goya will begin after these two Parisian dates, the tour Chantal Goya on the enchanted road across France until March 2023. The singer of Pandi-Panda also announced the release of a comic in November titled The Intrepid Chantal Goya Editions du Signe. The album recounts the unique journey of the woman who accompanied several generations of children, from her birth in Indochina to her childhood in Paris. The comic strip also looks back on her meeting with the Beatles, her great love affair with Jean-Jacques Debout and her formidable career as an actress and then as a singer and the creation of great shows filled with magic.