Chantal Goya and her movie nude scene: She reveals who took her place (and why her career didn't last)

Before becoming the idol of several generations of children, Chantal Goya first began her career in the cinema in the 1960s. In an interview with 'Ici Paris', she explains why she did not wish to persevere in the 7th art.

  Chantal Goya and her film nude scene: she reveals who took her place (and why her career'a pas duré)

On the occasion of the release of his comic strip entitled The Intrepid Chantal Goya which will be published on November 25 by Editions du Signe, the idol of very young people, who has just celebrated his 80th birthday, returned to the highlights of his long career in an interview with the magazine Paris here (on newsstands Wednesday, November 9, 2022). The artist notably spoke about her meeting with the one who was to become the father of her children and whose life she has shared for 56 years, Jean-Jacques Debout. A meeting that resonates as obvious since the lyricist and composer declares to the very young Chantal Goya: ' One day we'll get married, we'll have two kids, you'll be famous at 30, and you'll even sing opera. 'Something to amuse the artist.' I thought, 'What a crazy one!' Came home from London and didn't know who he was “, she confides to Paris here . The star also explained why she didn't continue her brief acting career...

Why did Chantal Goya turn her back on a film career?

An interview in which the singer of Snipe also looks back on his film debut. Because we often forget it, but Chantal Goya was one of the faces of the new wave. In 1966 she was featured in Male Female , cult film of Jean-Luc Godard , alongside Marlène Jobert, Brigitte Bardot and even Jean-Pierre Léaud. But the artist, who embodied the character of Madeleine Zimmer, entrusts to Paris here that her acting career is cut short: ' I didn't want to kiss guys let alone sleep with them. So it was scratched. Even the scene in Male Female, when I'm naked in the bathroom, it's not me who shot it, I'm much too modest for that. Marlene Jobert who wasn't played my understudy ' , she reveals.

A behavior that displeases the director Jean-Luc Godard. ' He told me 'You will never be a star, Chantal'. I sent him 'I don't care, I have one at home, it's my washing machine' “, she adds with humor.

Chantal Goya's tribute to the late director Jean-Luc Godard

' Jean-Luc Godard has joined the Children of Paradise.' If Chantal Goya has turned her back on the cinema, preferring to interpret musicals intended for children and accumulate record sales, the singer paid a vibrant tribute to the Franco-Swiss filmmaker when he died last September.

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' I am very sad because it was with him that I shot my first Male Female film alongside Jean-Pierre Léaud and Marlène Jobert. Jean-Luc had a great visionary intelligence and a sense of images. He was mysterious. I was very lucky to shoot this great film, which is now cult worldwide. Godard is the inventor with Truffaut of the New Wave. It is and will remain timeless!! “, she wrote on her Instagram account.

Chantal Goya actress: in which films have we seen her?

If her film career was short, Chantal Goya - whose real name is Chantal de Guerre - has appeared in just under a dozen films. We can thus cite Love is happy, love is sad by Jean-Daniel Pollet The White Scale by Robert Freeman, Everything can happen by Philippe Labro Les Gaspards by Pierre Tchernia or even vacation time by Claude Vital. And, in the early 2000s, it was in her own role and with a lot of humor about herself that she played in comedy absolutely fabulous by Gabriel Aghion, playing the client of an eccentric communications manager played by Josiane Balasko.