César 2022: complete prize list and Marie's buttocks seep in, the tears of Léa Seydoux and Xavier Dolan...

The stars of French cinema attended the 47th Cesar ceremony, this February 25 at L'Olympia, marked by the coronations of Illusions Perdues by Xavier Giannoli and Annette by Leos Carax. Strong (or embarrassing) moments, poignant tributes, sincere emotions and winners of this edition...

  César 2022: complete prize list and Marie's buttocks'infiltre, les larmes de Léa Seydoux et Xavier Dolan...

This year Caesar ceremony dazzled us, at the Olympia, Boulevard des Capucines, in Paris. French Cinema marched on the prestigious red carpet and defended the best seventh art at a time when the Culture sector is accusing two years of health crisis.... At the presentation this Saturday, February 25, Anthony of Caunes who did not fail to say a few words about the ongoing war in Ukraine, ' three hours from Paris ', provoked by Vladimir Putin's Russia. After this reminder of the news, the evening (in the presence of Cate Blanchett and Adam Driver, sorry) was able to start... Before being disturbed about thirty minutes later.

Marie infiltrates shows her ass on stage

Where you don't expect her, like at the Chanel show where she was snubbed by Gigi Hadid in October 2019, Marie infiltrates simply invited herself on stage at the Olympia. In a red evening dress, the comedian raised her petticoats to show the packed house her panties and her buttocks , before issuing a happening ponctué de rimes in 'cul'. A streak to say the least' annoying “, according to the many comments from Internet users via social networks, not a bit convinced by the (failed) intervention of the 31-year-old young woman.

Jean-Paul Belmondo hailed by the Cesars

The event that rewards French cinema could not be missed of the death of John Paul Belmondo , last September. The Magnificent, Caesarized once for Itinerary of a spoiled child (a statuette which he moreover refused), was honored by a long clip compiling several excerpts from his filmography ( Breathless , The Man from Rio , Léon Morin, priest , Pierrot le fou, Borsalino , Cartouche , The Heir , A monkey in winter among others ) and an large ovation at the start of the evening. A beautiful tribute to Bébel who particularly upset Benoit Magimel , crying in his seat.

Cate Blanchett receives the Honorary Cesar

The 52-year-old American star was awarded a Honorary Caesar from the hands of her friend Isabelle Huppert . A beautiful moment, embellished with a speech by the French actress, followed by long applause for Cate Blanchett. Taken by emotion, the actress could not hold back a few tears before throwing a franc to the crowd ' Shut up now! ' (and in French!). Something to relax the atmosphere and give a little smile to this three and a half hour ceremony (a bit morose, let's face it).

Xavier Dolan pays a vibrant tribute to Gaspard Ulliel

Another highlight: the moving speech of Xavier Dolan to honor the memory of Gaspard ulliel . The disappearance of the 37-year-old actor, who died in January 2022 following a collision on the ski slopes in Savoie, marked the world of the Seventh Art with deep sadness. In a letter, a black and white snapshot projected in the background, the Quebec director, who directed the actor in Just the End of the World , paid tribute to ' they are friends' .

' He would have hated that kind of praise. He would have perceived in this glorification, a lack of elegance. And he was very elegant' , he said, his voice sometimes shaking, emphasizing the 'discretion', 'gentleness' and 'eloquence ' by Gaspard Ulliel. ' We still have his talent and no one can take that away from us.'

' A whole world mourned Gaspard. It's a whole world that still mourns him,' concluded the filmmaker, moved to tears. In the room, the guests also had bright eyes as the emotion was palpable. Léa Seydoux n'a pu se retenir de pleurer.

José Garcia and his Mariachis

Between the succession of prizes, and the rain of tributes, it is Jose Garcia who in turn came to tease his ex-sidekick Antoine de Caunes. The actor came in with a trumpet tune, interrupting a song in progress.

if they 'threat ' de Garcia pour 'fuck the evening ' did not really impress the Master of Ceremonies, less spicy than usual, the comedian later brought in a whole mexican mariachi troupe .

Omar Sy ignites the Olympia

Lively, Omar Sy , who came to present the prize for Best Actress (won by Valerie Lemercier to Aline ) , tried to communicate his good mood.

To do this, he called on several dancers who ignited the stage to the rhythm of the tube. Then we dance of Stromae. Mission accomplished, the whole assembly stood up!

The nurse Aissatou Diallo Sagna crowned

Nominated for her performance in The Fracture by Catherine Corsini, Aissatou Diallo Sagna won the award for Best Supporting Actress . Caregiver by profession , she dedicated this Caesar 'to caregivers ' and assured that she would be back in the hospital next week. 'I have three children at home and bills to pay. I have to keep working. I'm happy tonight: I have a new baby! This Caesar is like a baby'' , said the 38-year-old amateur actress, adding with a beaming smile; ' I am a ''wonder woman' ' : I can continue my job and shoot too . It's not inconsistent.' Hats off to the artist.

The incredible gifts of the guests at the Caesars

The Académie des César has not done things by halves for its guests. Because not all the guests and nominees of the ceremony left empty-handed... According to information from the Parisian , a special lodge ' DPA pre-Caesar gift suite ' has been made available to  l'Hôtel Intercontinental (2nd district of Paris).

All the guests were thus able to enjoy many (luxurious) presents such as 'c champagne, macaroons, jewelry, beauty products (shampoos without paraben or sulphate, seaweed detox serum, donkey milk soap, etc.), caps or scarves '. Pretty cool, right?

The complete list of César 2022:

Best film: lost illusions by Xavier Giannoli

Best Achievement: Leos Carax for Annette

Best actor: Benoit Magimel for In his lifetime

Best Actress: Valerie Lemercier to Aline

Best Supporting Actress: Aissatou Diallo Sagna for The Fracture

Best Supporting Actor: Vincent Lacoste for lost illusions

Most promising Actress: Anamaria Vartolomei pour The event

Best Male Hope: Benjamin Voisin for lost illusions

Best Original Screenplay: Onoda pour 10,000 nights in the jungle

Best Adaptation: lost illusions

Best costumes: lost illusions

Best sets: lost illusions

Best Cinematography: lost illusions

Best Editing: Annette

Best sound: Annette

Best visual effects: Annette

Best Original Music: Annette

Best first film: Magnetics

Best Animated Feature: The Summit of the Gods

Best Animated Short Film: Soft Madness, Hard Madness

Best Foreign Film: The Father

Best short fiction film: the bad boys

Best Documentary: The Snow Panther

Best Documentary Short: Maelbeek

Honorary Caesar: Cate Blanchett

Antoine de Caunes, 'frustrated': he wanted to bring animals

Antoine de Caunes, who brought a seal to the César stage in 2011, has one regret about the preparation for the 2022 ceremony. My grand regret , is that the Césars often correspond to the agricultural fair. So I wanted to make a big common picture with the award-winning Charolais and Caesarized actors , and make 'culture and agriculture finally united on the same platform'. I had been objected that it was not possible, that the plateau was going to give way under the weight of the Charolais, and that it was going to be a absolute disaster ' , he explained to Tele-Leisure .

The Caesar's master of ceremonies therefore ' had to give up, with a heavy heart, this idea'. ' Moi I like to bring animals, but each time I am told that it will not be possible, I am frustrated . It's true that animals have to be wary of them, you never know!'

Antoine de Caunes warns José Garcia: 'It's going to turn out very badly'

Anthony of Caunes had warned Jose Garcia : the actor had no interest in going to the César set to make a resounding happening. ' If you ever come and break my balls during the Cesar ceremony, you will regret it for a very long time! I formally advise you not to come and fuck shit up in my ceremony . Kind regards, hello “, said the master of ceremonies to the Buzz Tv .

I have to say that Jose Garcia would have a craving for ' vengeance '. In Telematin , he had told the last joke ' that Antoine de Caunes had made him: ' I received a painting and I saw that it was almost my head but I felt that there was no perspective and that it was a little crushed... I look at the same time on the networks and I see there's a guy named Pricasso, a guy dressed like the Mad Hatter in 'Alice in Wonderland' but naked, and actually, the guy painted with his b .. .'. The actor then added: ' The Caesars are approaching... '

On the set of C to you , whereas Pierre Lescure referred to a ' elegant evening ,' and ' happy ', José Garcia had replied: ' I don't know if it will be as elegant as you say '. Antoine de Caunes, he then reacted to these remarks in Do not touch My TV , February 21: ' José Garcia made threats against me in a competing program on a channel saying that I had to be careful. So I answer him that if I have to be wary, he really has to be on his guard. If he ever shows up at the Caesars, it's going to turn out very badly '.

Marina Fois : 'I chose not to care'

It's a disappointment for Marina Times . The actress, starring in the film The Fracture by Catherine Corsini alongside Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Pio Marmaï and Aïssatou Diallo Sagna, saw all of her acting partners nominated for the Césars... Except her. A big blow for the 52-year-old actress, who spoke cash in the Sunday newspaper. 'I was first happy for this film, which deals with important societal issues, then I was upset that people thought of others and not of me , and then I chose to give a fuck !', she blurted out. So the star decided to watch the evening from home: 'When you have nothing to gain, you might as well watch the thing on TV! '.

Marina Foïs also returned to her performance as mistress of ceremonies last year. If her humor has not always convinced, she feels quite ready to start the exercise again. ' I really liked being mistress of ceremonies at the Césars, and I take things on board just like the failures . (…) The work was fascinating and I would like to do it again”, affirmed the ex-companion of Eric Lartigau. 'I accepted the light that was put on me, the extraordinary dress that Nicolas Ghesquière had made especially for me, the money I earned very well for this presentation, the enthusiasm of some and reviews from others ', she then continued.

Why not in 2023?

A tribute to Gaspard Ulliel

Gaspard ulliel died tragically after a skiing accident in La Rosière on January 19. The sudden death of the 37-year-old actor, crowned with several César awards during his career, has upset many French people...

Asked by TV Cable Sat, Anthony of Caunes , the Caesar's Master of Ceremonies this year, revealed that a tribute in memory of the comedian was planned: ' His death is a terrible tragedy. I think we're just going to dedicate the evening to him and do a nice opening extract. . Something sober, dignified, in his image'.

'A tribute is also planned for John Paul Belmondo and for the other missing persons of the year, like Bertrand Tavernier and Jean-Jacques Beineix ' , had also assured Antoine de Caunes.

What menu for the Cesar Gala dinner?

Antoine de Caunes would not have wanted to be 'in place of Marina Foïs'

The 46th Cesar ceremony, in 2021, had spilled ink and attracted only 1.64 million viewers, or 9.1% PDA, the worst score for at least ten years. The period was particularly delicate, since the cinema had just been hard hit by the multiple confinements and uncertainty still reigned as to the reopening of dark rooms. It was Marina Fois who was then mistress of ceremonies.

' I would not have liked to be in Marina Foïs' place last year both configuration was special with movies that weren't released and a freezing room with only 150 people seated at tables ', declared the master of ceremonies of this new edition, Antoine de Caunes, in the Sunday newspaper . He also lamented that some artists have expressed complaints about the situation in the cinema, which ' have been badly perceived by a country which was itself suffering '.

His goal? ' Offer an evening which, even if it is criticized every year because we cannot please everyone, either as warm as possible ', he clarified Antoine de Caunes, before adding: ' If we give awards to deserving people, we also make a television program for viewers on the other side of the screen who expect there to be rhythm, it rocks a little and it doesn't last forever '.

Antoine de Caunes: what he thought of Corinne Masiero's happening

What did Antoine de Caunes think of the intervention of Corinne Masiero , who had landed on stage wearing a donkey skin costume, before removing it and showing a bloody body adorned with inscriptions such as ' Give back the art Jean '?' It was a happening: it was not expected that she would come undone! As a viewer, I found it both trashy and artistically interesting. If we can avoid this register, we will avoid “, he detailed to the Parisian .

And to conclude: ' We can laugh at everything, it depends on the tone and the way we use . There are a lot of annoying subjects, but that's no reason not to talk about them. The challenge is to find the right balance between valve and joke. And avoid gratuitous provocation which only pleases its author ' .

Who are the 2022 César nominees?

The list of nominees for the César 2022 was unveiled on January 26. The 4,363 members of the Academy have made their choice. The film lost illusions , by Xavier Giannoli, was nominated no less than 15 times, followed by Annette , by Leos Carax, named 11 times, then by Aline , the Celine Dion biopic directed by Valérie Lemercier, nominated 10 times. Surprise from this listing: The Event , by Audrey Diwan, who received the Golden Lion at the Mostra, was nominated only four times.

Are nominated for the César for best actress

Leïla Bekhti in The Intranquilles

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi in The Fracture

Laura Calamy in A woman of the world

Virginie Efira in Blessed

Vicky Krieps dance Hug me tight

Valerie Lemercier in Aline

Lea Seydoux in France

Are nominated for the César for best actor

Damien Bonnard in The Intranquilles

Adam Driver in Annette

Gilles Lellouche in North ferry

Vincent Macaigne in night doctor

Benoit Magimel in In his lifetime

Pio Marmai in The Fracture

Pierre Niney in Black Box

Are nominated for the César for Best Supporting Actress

Jeanne Balibar in lost illusions

Cecile de France in lost illusions

Aissatou Diallo Sagna in The Fracture

Adele Exarchopoulos in mandibles

Danielle Fichaud in  Aline

Are nominated for the César for best actor in a supporting role

Francois Civil in North ferry

Xavier Dolan in lost illusions

Vincent Lacoste in lost illusions

Karim Leklou in North ferry

Sylvain Marcel in Aline

Are nominated for the César for best female hope

Noee Abita in Slalom

Salome Dewaels in lost illusions

Agathe Rousselle in Titanium

Anamaria Vartolomei in The Event

Lucia Zhang in The Olympiads

Are nominated for the César Award for Best Male Newcomer

Sandor Funtek in Supremes

Sami Outalbali in A story of love and desire

Thimothée Robart in Magnetics

I see Samba dancing The Olympiads

Benjamin Voisin in lost illusions

Are nominated for the César for Best Original Screenplay

Valérie Lemercier, Brigitte Buc for  Aline

Leos Carax, Ron Mael, Russel Mael pour  Annette

Yann Gozlan, Simon Moutaïrou, Nicolas Bouvet-Levrard for Black Box

Catherine Corsini, Laurette Polmanss, Agnès Feuvre pour The Fracture

Arthur Harari, Vincent Poymiro pour Onoda, 10,000 nights in the jungle

Are nominated for the César for best adaptation

Yael Langmann, Yvan Attal for Human things

Audrey Diwan, Marcia Romano pour The Event

Xavier Giannoli, Jacques Fieschi pour Lost Illusions

Céline Sciamma, Léa Mysius, Jacques Audiard for The Olympiads

Matthieu Amalric for Hug me tight

Are nominated for the César for best original music

Ron Mael, Russel Mael pou r Annette

Guillaume Roussel for North ferry

Philippe Rombi for Black beast

rone for The Olympiads

Warren Ellis, Nick Cave pour  The Snow Panther

Are nominated for the César for best sound

Olivier Mauzevin, Arnaud Rolland, Edouard Morin, Daniel Sobrino pou r Aline

Erwan Kerzanet, Katia Boutin, Maxence Dussère, Paul Heymans, Thomas Gauder pour Annette

Nicolas Peovost, Nicolas Bouvet-Levrad, Marc Doisne for Black Box

François Musy, Renaud Musy, Didier Lozahic for lost illusions

Mathieu Descamps, Pierre Bariaud, Samuel Aïchoun pour Magnetics

Are nominated for the César for best photo

Caroline Champetier pour Annette

Christophe Beaucarne for lost illusions

Paul Guilhaume pou r The Olympiads

Tom Harari for Onoda, 10,000 Nights in the Jungle

Ruben Impens for Titanium

Are nominated for the César for best editing

Nelly Quettier for  Annette

Simon Jacquet for North ferry

Valentin Feron for Black Box

Frederic Baillehaiche for The Fracture

Cyril Nakache for Lost Illusions

Are nominated for the César for best costumes

Catherine Leterrier pour  Aline

Pascaline Chavanne for r Annette

Madeline Fontaine for r Delicious

Thierry Delettre for Eiffel

Pierre-Jean Larroque for Lost Illusions

Are nominated for the César for best decor

Emmanuelle Duplay for Aline

Florian Sanson for Annette

Bertrand Seitz pour  Delicious

Stephane Taillasson for Eiffel

Riton Dupire-Clement for Lost Illusions

Are nominated for the César for best visual effects

Sebastien Rame for Aline

Guillaume Pondard pou r Annette

Olivier Cauwet for Eiffel

Arnaud Fouquet, Julien Meesters for Lost Illusions

Martial Vallanchon for Titanium

Are nominated for the César for best achievement

Valerie Lemercier for Aline

Leos Carax for Annette

Audrey Diwan pour  L'Event

Xavier Giannoli pour lost illusions

Arthur Harari pour Onoda, 10,000 nights in the jungle

Julia Ducournau for Titanium

Are nominated for the César for Best Animated Short Film

Empty Places

Sweet madness, hard madness

The world itself


Are nominated for the César for Best Documentary Short Film



The End of Kings


Are nominated for the César for best short fiction film

The tender age


good people

The Bad Boys

Black Soldier

Are nominated for the César for best animated film

Even mice go to heaven

The Summit of the Gods


Are nominated for the César for best documentary film


Bigger Than Us

Stand up women

gallant indies

The Snow Panther

Are nominated for the César for best first film



The Cloud

The Snow Panther


Are nominated for the César for best foreign film

Compartinent n°6

Drive My car

First Cow

Julie (in 12 chapters)

Tehran Law

Parallel Mothers

The Father

Are nominated for the César for best film



North ferry

The Event

The Fracture

lost illusions

Onoda, 10,000 Nights in the Jungle

The Cesar 2022 poster

The Cesar 2022 poster honors the Magnificent, John Paul Belmondo , who passed away on September 6, 2021 at the age of 88.

Who is presiding over the Cesar 2022 ceremony?

Danielle Thompson

This year is the screenwriter and filmmaker Danièle Thompson who has chaired the 47th Cesar ceremony . In 1999, she made her first feature film, The log . And what a feature film! The film earned him two César nominations for Best First Work and Best Original Screenplay and/or Adaptation. From now on, she must begin in the spring of 2022 the filming of her series devoted to Brigitte Bardot, Saint Tropez .

When is the Cesar 2022 ceremony?

The 47ᵉ César du cinema ceremony took place in Paris, at the Olympia , like the previous one, February 25, 2022 . It is broadcast live and unencrypted on channel + .

Who is the master of ceremonies for this 47th edition of the Césars?

This year it's Anthony of Caunes, the master of ceremonies of the Cesar ceremony. The actor has already hosted the evening nine times throughout his career.

Who receives the Honorary Caesar?

She's the actress Cate Blanchett who received the Honorary Caesar of this 47th edition. His career and his commitments have been rewarded.

The actress is a multi-faceted artist, who works in cinema, television, theater ', detailed the Académie des Césars in a press release. She also plays a psychoanalyst in the new film by Guillermo Del Toro, Nightmare Alley , which hit theaters on January 19, 2022.

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