Cellulite: what to do to remove it on the thighs, stomach and buttocks?

  Cellulite: what to do about it'enlever sur les cuisses, ventre et fesses ? Cellulite affects the vast majority of women, thin or not. If it is inevitable and impossible to completely eliminate, there are natural solutions and aesthetic treatments to limit its appearance on the thighs, stomach and buttocks.

Comment cellulite is formed?

Complex par excellence, cellulite affects a large proportion of women. It has nothing to do with being overweight since all body types are affected. Cellulite is mainly located on the thighs, arms, buttocks and stomach. It is the result of too many fat cells under the skin, usually accompanied by a Water retention . These fat cells lodge under the epidermis. This will thicken and give a dimpled appearance. Be aware that there are several types of cellulite. All are not alike and do not have the same cause. How to spot it? How to get rid of it? Here is all you need to know.

Case of fibrous cellulite

' This cellulitis is easy to recognize: it is hard to palpate , explains Doctor Philippe Blanchemaison, vascular doctor and cellulite specialist. It is painful and often old. Even if women make a regime drastic, this form of cellulite doesn't just go away. It is called fibrous cellulite because it results from the fibrous transformation of the collagen . '

' This encrusted or fibrous cellulite is the most difficult to eliminate “, continues the doctor. ' The most effective methods are invasive. The ' lasers ' may be a solution. This is an operation during which a laser passes under the skin to burn the adipocytes . This operation requires going to a clinic. Many women prefer less aggressive methods but there are not necessarily other effective techniques against this type of cellulite. '

Case of adipose cellulite

Adipose cellulite corresponds to an excess of fat. It lodges on the belly, the hips, the thighs and the saddlebags . This form of cellulite is linked to excess fat under the skin. In general, it affects people with a weight problem and a predisposition to weight loss. overweight . This cellulite is quite soft and it doesn't hurt when you pinch it.

To fight adipose cellulite, you have to accelerate the melting of fat. Starting by balancing your diet is an essential first step, while practicing a regular sporting activity. But specific techniques can help you. ' To overcome this type of cellulite, many methods exist on the market but not all of them have, as we say in the medical community, a 'level of proven evidence' ', specifies Doctor Philippe Blanchemaison. Among these: the laser  that is placed on the skin, the cavitation method with focused ultrasound, shock waves ...

Eliminate cellulite according to the areas of the body

Diet, massages and anti-cellulite treatments

While it is inevitable and impossible to completely eliminate, there are simple and effective solutions to combat it and limit its effects. First, we go to a healthy and balanced diet by limiting salt and raw vegetables, which promote water retention.

Then, we arm ourselves with an anti-cellulite treatment that we apply self- massage on the areas concerned. the palpate-roll , a method that breaks down fat cells and stimulates blood circulation, is the reference method for obtaining good results.

Even more tips to overcome cellulite

From grandma's recipe to aesthetic innovations, here are all the tips and advice to fight against orange peel skin on a daily basis.

Shopping anti-cellulite

The weapons to fight against cellulite are constantly evolving. New ingredients , cleaner and more sensory formulas, more efficient tools, overview of new products to shop.

Sports and exercises against cellulite

Physical activity also plays an important role in the fight against cellulite because it boosts blood circulation activity and prevents fat storage. The sports d'endurance such as walking, running or swimming are particularly effective. At home or in the gym, targeted fitness exercises have also been proven.

Anti-cellulite methods

In a doctor's office or beauty salon, aesthetic care techniques such as Cell M6  s They have proven to be particularly effective in smoothing dimpling and firming the skin durably. However, to use the benefits of these high-tech methods, it will be necessary to invest in a cure of 6 to 12 sessions .

Tests and editorial opinions

In institutes or at home, devices and machines to eliminate cellulite multiply. What results to expect? How many sessions should be done? What are the contraindications? Find out all the answers before you start.

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