Cellulite on the arms: how to fight it firmly?

Cellulite on the arms is a natural physical phenomenon that can lead to big complexes. Here's how to get rid of it completely.

  Cellulite on the arms: how to fight it firmly?

When it comes to cellulite, everyone is affected. Even the youngest and thinnest among us. If the buttocks and thighs are the primary target of cellulite, the arms are not left out. Fortunately, it is eliminated quite easily in this area. Miracle solutions do not exist but with a little sport, a good diet and natural care , we can limit its appearance on the arms.

What causes arm cellulite?

Cellulite comes from an accumulation of fat in fat cells. On the arms, it is located at the level of the triceps , fat deposits storage area. When it appears there, it makes the skin dimpled and uneven. This aspect is often called 'orange peel'. Although some men are not spared, this aesthetic problem particularly concerns women because the female body is genetically designed to store more fat. This is a phenomenon that occurs most often at the time of puberty, during pregnancy or menopause . And it gets worse over time. That is to say, after 60, or even 50, you are more likely to be prone to arm cellulite. The body changes and we see less firm areas appear than before. The causes are multiple: hormones, sedentary lifestyle, genetics, poor circulation, muscle relaxation... In addition, poor diet and lack of physical activity promote the appearance of dimples.

How to remove orange peel on arms?

There are several solutions to say goodbye to arm cellulite. Among these are the auto massage and in particular the palpate-roll. It is carried out from the elbow to the shoulders, with the hands or more easily with a suction cup. This method has a draining effect that promotes the elimination of toxins. The best is still to combine it with essential oils to multiply its benefits. Those of sweet fennel, grapefruit and samphire are particularly recommended.

Associated with lymphatic drainage , the wearing an anti-cellulite sleeve for the arms is effective. Its pressure tones the affected area and stimulates blood circulation.

Creams are also a good treatment to fight orange peel skin. The most recommended are those that contain caffeine or algae. During the summer it is important to apply sunscreen to arms because UV can damage the production of collagen and thus make dimples more visible.

What Foods to Get Rid of Arm Cellulite?

On the side of his plate, it is necessary to have a balanced diet to eliminate fat and therefore cellulite. Important place should be given to fruits and vegetables , to foods high in antioxidants (goji berries, blueberries, etc.) and potassium (brown rice, almonds, etc.) as well as proteins such as eggs, tofu or fish. Healthier and less caloric, cooking without fat is to be preferred.

We avoid consuming foods with a strong inflammatory power on the body and snacking between meals. It is also important to lower your salt intake, which can promote Water retention .

Stay hydrated, between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day . You should know that the arms are composed of 60% water and that drinking enough water allows you to drain by eliminating accumulated toxins. To stay hydrated, we can introduce fruits and vegetables that contain water such as cucumber, tomato or watermelon in our diet.

Which exercises to fight arm cellulite?

Sport is undoubtedly one of the best allies for eliminating arm cellulite. First, you have to beef it all up! The board, the pumps , squats with small weights are very effective exercises for losing arm weight. The goal is to tighten, tone and sculpt the triceps muscle.

Mix this with sessions cardio . They burn calories and improve blood circulation. Cycling, jogging, skipping rope or even swimming are a perfect complement to muscle strengthening exercises. To tap into fat stores, you train for a minimum of 40 minutes about three times a week. For beginners, it is best to start slowly and increase your pace gradually. With regular practice, the results will be visible between three weeks and two months.

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