Celine Dion, soon to be treated in Montpellier? The (very special) request of his family

Celine Dion could soon be treated in France. At the Montpellier University Hospital, an institute should allow the 55-year-old star, suffering from Stiff's syndrome, to try new treatments... His current state of health is very worrying. Is this the end of his career?

  Celine Dion, soon to be treated in Montpellier? The (very special) request of his family

Celine Dion , who plays himself in the film Love Again , in theaters on June 7 in France, continues to fight against the extremely rare neurological disease he was diagnosed with, the Stiff's syndrome . And the answer to his prayers (and ours) may be at the Montpellier University Hospital…

On May 16, 2023, the hospital center was selected to host a University Hospital Institute (IHU) dedicated to autoimmune diseases and innovative immunotherapies, called ' Immun4Cure ', indicate Free Midi .

Celine Dion, soon to be treated in France? A doctor contacted by his family

' Celine Dion develops an antibody that targets an enzyme that completely disrupts her muscles. There is no treatment today for that . On a platform like ours, you can try to find one. This requires sequencing the antibody and constructing a specific CAR-T (gene therapy, editor's note) , and test it ', explained to Free Midi rheumatologist Christian Jorgensen, who has been named director of the future Immun4Cure Institute. This one was contacted by Celine Dion's entourage , although he did not communicate directly with the 55-year-old singer.

The rheumatologist explains in any case that the future institute will have the means to work on a treatment for the artist's disease with CAR-T cells, lymphocytes T used to fight certain cancers or autoimmune diseases. ' Our platform is open to that, you can contact us and we can offer tailor-made, put ten researchers on a particular problem, we are able to do it “, he clarified.

The star, who lives in Las Vegas and would be followed medically in Denver, Colorado (according to the words of his sister Claudette at Montreal Journal ), could therefore soon travel to France in order to be taken care of in Montpellier .

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Celine Dion: 'These spasms affect my everyday life'

In December 2022, the Quebec singer had revealed to the whole world, on Instagram, that she was suffering from Stiff's syndrome . ' We do not yet know everything about this rare disease, but we now know that it is the cause of the muscle spasms from which I suffer. Unfortunately, these spasms affect my everyday life, on many levels . I sometimes have a lot of difficulty walking and I can't always use my vocal cords to sing as I would like 'said the singer and mother of René-Charles, 22, and twins Eddy and Nelson, 12.

Everything suggests that the tour Courage World Tour , postponed multiple times and which is to officially resume next August will simply not take place...

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