Celine Dion exasperated by a journalist: 'I'm not sticking anything in my nose!', this interview that she regrets

For months, singer Celine Dion has kept a silence which only deepens the mystery surrounding her state of health, she who claims to have suffered from muscle spasms since October 2021. And it must be said that this silence intrigues since, for a long time , she boasts of being 'an open book'. But not enough in the eyes of some...

  Celine Dion exasperated by a journalist: 'I'm not sticking anything in my nose!', this interview'elle regrette

She said everything about her life, up and down and across: her teeth problems, her FIV to get pregnant, the cancer of her husband René Angélil, the death of her parents and, for several months, her health problems linked to severe muscle spasms. But, for some, this is not enough! Reputed to be accessible - the fans who wait in front of its hotels and always leave with photos and autographs can testify to this -, Celine Dion got angry once in front of the press. An anecdote that she had revealed herself.

Celine Dion exasperated by a journalist: what happened?

On TikTok, you don't only find wacky challenges - like the one made by Madonna to evoke her lesbian sexuality - we are also spoiled thanks to numerous video archives. We were thus able to discover a rare and unknown interview of Celine Dion with a Quebec journalist, She told there the only time she lost patience with another journalist to whom she had granted much more time than usual. ' She asks me questions I have already answered all these questions many times (...) I can't change my past, it remains the same but I tried to flavor it a bit. And she calls me back, two or three days later “, says the interpreter of My Heart Will Go On which specifies that the journalist asks him ' something a little juicier .' Obviously, the reporter wanted some gossip or a scoop...

Slightly annoyed, Celine Dion still takes it upon herself and again gives her time to answer other questions. ' Three to four days later, she said to me: 'Can I call you again if there is ever something?' I told him : ' Listen, you've been around my life 4 times! But if you think you still have a question, I'll be happy, I'm not farther than the telephone.' And a week later, she calls me back! ', says Celine Dion. The editor of the journalist was ' not very happy 'of the content of the interview. It was the last straw that made the vase overflow...

Celine Dion: alcohol, drugs, parties... very little for her!

The 54-year-old Quebec diva then says that the journalist asks her a whole bunch of very intrusive questions like knowing if she had ever had a fight with her husband, if she had ever hit someone or put someone at the door... ' I stop him and say: 'Excuse me, the story I've been telling you for a week is mine. I'm not going to reinvent myself (...) I'm not going to change my life for your publisher because you're not going to sell newspapers (...) I'm not breaking my neck every night, I'm not going to stick nothing in the nose, I do not make the clubs, I do not take drugs “, added Celine Dion, assuming to be” lucky, happy 'and that if it doesn't sell it's not his problem.

This is not the first time that the mother of René-Charles (21 years old) and twins Nelson and Eddy (12 years old) assumes not to be a party girl but rather a normal woman who likes to spend time with her family. ' I've always been very afraid of that. (...) I've seen things, we've experienced things, whether it's family or in the industry... I've always been afraid to get into this game (...) J am so scared. I'm scared of show business. I'm afraid of drugs. I'm afraid to let go “, she said on Quebec television in 2017.

Celine Dion: health update

If the star remains silent, those around her speak for her. Her sister Claudette affirms that she suffers from spasms and that she saw her with a leg twisted by the disease but not to the point of preventing her from walking since stolen photos of Paris Match had shown her on both legs, at her home in Las Vegas, in January 2022. Her sister also mentioned her menopause but assured that she is working on her return to the stage, she who is expected Resorts World of Vegas and in Europe with the continuation of the Courage World Tour .

On top of the market, a supposed doctor of the diva assured on the airwaves of Virgin Radio that she would have had a hormonal shock.

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