Celine Dion back and healthy? Unpublished PHOTOS unveiled

Three months after the announcement of the postponement of her European tour, news about Celine Dion's state of health is still rare. But never-before-seen photos of the recovering star have just been revealed!

  Celine Dion back and healthy? Unpublished PHOTOS unveiled

Three months ago, Celine Dion officially announced a new postponement of his European tour due to severe muscle spasms preventing him from performing on stage . A few weeks earlier, the Quebecer had also had to cancel one of her residences in Las Vegas. And it was enough to worry his fans. Fortunately, The Red Heads, the always very well informed fan club of the diva, has just unveiled a new series of reassuring photos .

Celine Dion: unpublished photos unveiled

Saturday August 6, the group of aficionados of the world star has once again proven that he was aware of his every move by revealing unpublished photos.

In these five photos, taken by star hairdresser Dee Amore Marti, L4on sees Celine Dion in the middle of a manual activity session . We discover the 54-year-old woman very focused on the decoration of the baby elephant which sits today in the Las Vegas casino where its next residence should be held . 'She is seen decorating the 'Namaste' baby elephant statue she donated to the 'Elephant Parade' art installation at Resorts World Las Vegas' , can we read in the caption of the post.

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Is Celine Dion cured?

But then do these photos show that Celine Dion is recovered? Nothing is less certain since these images date from May 2022. Anyway, they prove that the star is recovering . Something to reassure the fans a little , who had already been reassured by the statements of the site twome and the Vital Vegas Twitter account who said last July that the Quebecer was cured '95%' .

“The latest rumor has it that Celine Dion could start singing at Resorts World before New Years Eve. It seems that she is almost recovered and that she is in the process of contacting fashion designers to prepare the wardrobe. her tour dress' , had even assured the Twitter account.