Cécile Cassel is 40 years old: Famous family, Couple with Gaspard Ulliel, 'Rebellious' teenager, Asked to 'masturbate'

Cécile Cassel, aka HollySiz, who turns 40 on June 25, is a talented 'fireball'! Her 'chaotic' adolescence, her relationship with Gaspard Ulliel, her role in a cult American series, her place as a 'castratrix', these castings where she was asked to 'masturbate in front of the camera'... and everything you don't didn't know about Vincent Cassel's half-sister!

  Cécile Cassel is 40 years old: Famous family, Couple with Gaspard Ulliel, Teen"rebelle", Priée de "se masturber"

Cécile Cassel celebrates her 40th birthday June 25. Despite her famous pedigree, the actress had to make a name for herself. And if the half-sister of Vincent Cassel has appeared in many films, it is especially in her career as a singer that she flourishes today, under the pseudonym of HollySiz . on famous family , to like ' little darling ', are adolescence ' chaotic ' , are coupled with Gaspard ulliel , what she does with ' castrateur ', those castings where she had to ' masturbating in front of the camera '...and other crazy facts about the discreet (but charismatic) artist.

Cécile Cassel, 'little darling' of the (famous) family

Cecile Cassel (Crochon is his real surname) was born on June 25, 1982 in Paris, raised by his actor father Jean-Pierre Cassel and his mother Anne Célérier. the actor Vincent Cassel and the rapper Mathias Cassel are his half-brothers.

' I was educated the Protestant way: work, sweat, toil and you will earn your butter! But as I am the last and in addition a girl , you have to fight even more to exist (...) knowing very well that you will always remain the little darling “, she confided to Grace .

Cécile Cassel almost entered the opera

In her childhood, Cécile Cassel was dance lover . The young girl practices this discipline with passion, but chooses not to pursue this path. At the age of 12, just before entering the opera it stops there. ' I didn't feel like going to such a difficult school, where everyone is ready to kill for a place. I didn't have that spirit at all, I think I would have been eaten very quickly “, she had told in the show Everybody talks about it .

Cécile Cassel: her 'chaotic' adolescence

The notoriety of his brother Vincent Cassel, Cécile Cassel has not always experienced it well, especially in her adolescence. ' As a teenager, my schooling was a bit chaotic, I was rebellious . I think I was paying for that moment when my brother Vincent exploded in La Haine (in 1995, editor's note). All of a sudden, there were all these classmates who wanted to be friends with you because you were getting cool. And the teachers who judged you because the school was very bourgeois and it was not well seen “, entrusted the singer to SHE .

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Cécile Cassel played in a famous American series

She made her first television appearance in 2000, at age 18, in the sitcom My Worst Friends , with Pascal Elbé, then in the medical series The Big Boss , with Francis Huster.

In 2004, she played the role of Chloé Petrovky in an episode of the American series Sex And The City , then in the movie we were free , with an international (and prestigious) cast, of Charlize Theron to Penélope Cruz via Stuart Townsend.

Cécile Cassel: her relationship with Gaspard Ulliel

From 2005 to 2007, Cécile Cassel lived a romance with the actor Gaspard ulliel . ' The problem with actors is that they are into seduction and they have trouble with their feminine side. To me, actors are the greatest actresses there are. And two actresses in the same house is too much. I think you have to balance “, she had entrusted to the magazine It happens , without mentioning the name of Gaspard Ulliel.

Cécile Cassel, singer: what she does as a 'castrator'

In 2008, the actress tried another adventure: that of music. The singer-songwriter and performer chooses HollySiz for stage name. Facing her audience, she reveals herself to be vibrant and incredibly charismatic . ' In my family, everyone knew that I was singing, they suspected something in me but surely not this ball of fire “, explained HollySiz to Grace .

And to add: ' A girl who rocks can be scary, seem a little castrating. In addition, as I lead a team, as I am a kind of business leader, that's a lot for the generation of boys who had their testicles cut off by their sixty-eight mom '.

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Cécile Cassel, asked to 'masturbate' during castings

Cécile Cassel, like many actresses, found herself on ' questionable castings “, she confided to the microphone d'Europe 1 . And specify in SHE : ' I don't like this atmosphere of latent seduction at all. Without even mentioning the extremely limited castings, where you are asked to undress and masturbate in front of the camera '.

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