Cécile Auclert (Les Filles d'à Côté) celebrates her 57th birthday: what has become of her? 'Hermit Life', Money, Maternity

Cécile Auclert turns 57 on May 30! But what happened to the interpreter of Fanny in 'Les Filles d'à Côté' which we also followed in the series Plus Belle La Vie or Père et Maire? Beginnings, marriage, motherhood, 'hermit's life', money, and end of filming... Everything you didn't know about the radiant ex-actress.

  Cécile Auclert (The Daughters of'à Côté) fête ses 57 ans : que devient-elle ? "Vie d'ermite", Argent, Maternité

Cécile Auclert celebrates her 57th birthday May 30! We remember her interpretation of the sparkling and sublime Fanny in the sitcom AB The Girls Next Door , but also of his roles in the series More beautiful life or Father and Mayor . Now, the actress has disappeared from the radar. What becomes of her? How did she experience fame? Everything you (perhaps) didn't know about the sparkling blonde...

Cécile Auclert played with Patrick Bruel

Cecile Auclert was born on May 30, 1965 in Paris. Very early, the girl is passionate about comedy. She decides at 17 to follow the Florent lessons with teachers François Florent, Raymond Acquaviva and Francis Huster.

Then, in 1982, Cécile Auclert made her first television appearance in Paris-Saint-Lazare , a six-episode television series directed by Marco Pico. She responds to Jean Bouise and Patrick Bruel .... Just that!

Cécile Auclert: marriage, motherhood and first success

She was then hired at the Théâtre d'Edgar to perform one of man eaters of the play by Daniel Colas. Then it's Josiane Balasko who notices her and chooses her to embody the gas station attendant in The ex-wife of my life , a piece created at Le Splendid by Jane Birkin and Thierry Lhermitte,

At the end of the 1980s, Cécile Auclert married actor and screenwriter Christian Rauth and gives birth to their daughter, a little Tabata , in 1991. The 90s were definitely beneficial for the young actress, since it was in 1993 that she landed THE role that would reveal her to the general public, that of Fanny, in the sitcom AB des Girls Next Door .

After the 133rd episode of the series, the young actress gives up his role in the sitcom , worried about seeing each other stick a label in the profession.

Cécile Auclert, 'ejected' from Plus Belle La Vie

Cecile Auclert remains somewhat in the background in the late 90s . She has the opportunity to collaborate in the writing and directing of Preamble , the first one-man show of Jean-Luc Borras and plays in a few plays.

In 2002, she was chosen to play the role of Diane Favenec in the TF1 series, Father and Mayor, alongside her husband Christian Rauth and Daniel Rialet, creators of the series. A role she will hold until 2009.

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In 2006, while continuing to shoot in the series created by her husband at the time, Cécile Auclert embodied the Commissioner Vera Madigan in the successful series of France 3, More beautiful life . But after three years, the actress is simply ' ejected ' of the series, according to his confidences to Tele-Leisure . ' The production told me one day that my character was going to come back after two or three months. And nothing happened... I was ejected from scenarios without explanation “, she lamented.

Cécile Auclert: why she stopped filming

Cécile Auclert ends up Christian Rauth divorcer and leaves the media scene. She is writing a first novel, About Cora Martino, then a few shows.

But with hindsight, the former interpreter of Fanny in The Girls Next Door regret the way she was treated . ' On TV, they take you and then throw you without any regard. And you have to be smooth in every sense of the word. But, me, I'm loud... and I can't stand Botox! Suddenly, I no longer want to turn “, she assured in 2015 to Tele-Leisure .

Cécile Auclert lives 'as a hermit' with '790 euros'

As for his current life, it is much less comfortable than at the peak of his career. ' Until now, I lived on Girls Next Door reruns. But it's going down. The, I just received €790 for three months . I live as a hermit in Marseille in 33 square meters , with my two pianos “, she confided to the media.

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