Cauet is 50 years old: His 'magnificent family', his mistake, his drama, his regret...

Sébastien Cauet celebrates his 50th birthday this Thursday, April 28, happy, in love, fulfilled. Much appreciated by the French public that he has won over on TV and radio, the star host has been on the air since he was 15 years old. Here is his personal story (marked by two deaths) and his new life with Nathalie and 'their' 4 children.

  Cauet turns 50: Sa"magnifique famille", son erreur, son drame, son regret...

Sebastien Cauet was born on April 28, 1972 in Saint-Quentin, Aisne . His two parents, Guy and Micheline, are workers in a sugar refinery North. It was in this region of France that Cauet spent his childhood and adolescence and it was there that he quickly developed a great passion for radio. Until he pushes the doors of the local station of NRJ at the age of 15 years old , never to really come out again.

Beginnings as a DJ ruined by a bad joke

Still in his native Picardy, it is as DJ that he officiates first on the waves of NRJ. He animates weekends and disco nights . Sharpening his talent on numerous stations, Sébastien Cauet became in 1993 the assistant d' Arthur on Fun Radio and quickly gets his own show. He does not back down from this new challenge that is offered to him, but it quickly turns into a nightmare since in January 1995, a bad joke about german concentration camps worth him a suspension of antenna then a dismissal for gross negligence.

Cauet will take a few years to recover, passing from radio to radio until stabilizing on Europe 2 which he takes in hand the morning. Success is at the rendezvous since it brings together nearly 2 million listeners every day around his faithful team which is slowly setting up: Cécile de Ménibus, Cartman, Miko and Piètre.

La mort de ses parents: sa blessure

As he explained to Sophie Front in It's a story , his biggest regret in life is that his parents died too soon to know the success of their son .

His mother died when he was 10, his father when he was 20. He said about them: ' The death of my mother is the cancer and she left pretty quickly. I remember everything about this period, almost minute by minute. The announcement, the consequences of what would happen next, the funeral... '.

Regarding the death of his father, he explains: ' I had to quit business school because I had no more money. and I'll spare you the details of a funeral to deal with when you're 20. [...] But you don't have time to cry because the next day you have to do the paperwork for the repatriation of the body, publish an advertisement in the newspaper for the burial... Everything that theory you shouldn't do at 20 '.

Cauet, from FM waves to TV on TF1

Haloed by a great success at the microphone of the radios, Cauet is recruited by TF1 for host a weekly show. For the channel, he develops a program which aims to parody programs, series, advertisements. The Cauet Method was born and will be a great success every Thursday evening in the second part evening until 2008 . His other shows that will follow on TNT like It's ok Cauet or Muppets TV however, will not experience the same success. Today, Cauet returned to NRJ where he officiates every day on the 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. C Cauet.

Cauet: woman(s) and children

If he is careful was married for twenty years to a certain Virginia with whom he had two children (Valmont born February 23, 2000 and Ivana born May 25, 2002), he is now in a relationship with model Nathalie Dartois . They met at a party and have not left each other since.

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His blended family

Cauet and Nathalie Dartois have managed to come to terms with their past and create what Cauet consider themselves 'his wonderful family' as he revealed to Tele-Leisure in 2021: ' My darling with whom I am also has two children, she raised them very well, with values. (…) They are 13 and 14 years old, they are very intelligent. I like the role of stepfather, it's very funny this role: it's the role of father but with a little less pressure! I'm not here to be an authority, but to give good advice, to be cooler and to have a good time with them when they feel like it.'