Catio: what is it and how to make it?

Do you love your cat more than anything and worry when he goes out? Worried when he didn't come home after dark? Or did you just adopt a kitten and leaving it outside unsupervised seems rushed? Opt for a catio, this completely secure outdoor space.

  Cation: qu'est-ce que c'est et comment le fabriquer ?

Want to know everything about this funny layout, especially dedicated to our feline friends? You clicked in the right place!

What is a catio?

One cation is one patio for cats . This is an outdoor space closed by a fence which can be accessed from inside the accommodation, either by a cat flap or by a window . Installing a catio in your home will allow you to no longer worry every time your pet is away. Your cat will be able to go out freely in the space of the catio, the size being adaptable, but without being able to escape. Your cat can also find an interest in the catio. Indeed, this allows him, when he is a kitten for example, to apprehend the outside world in a progressive and autonomous way and safely.

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What mesh for a catio?

The mesh you choose for your catio must be quite fine to, on the one hand, prevent your cat from escaping, of course, which is all the same the whole point of the catio, and, on the other hand, allow him to take full advantage of his environment and see what it happens beyond the catio in order to satisfy its boundless curiosity.

Comment construire un catio pour chat?

To build a catio, there is no miracle recipe. You have to equip yourself with tools and materials, arm yourself with patience and show a little creativity. In this regard, the sources of inspiration are innumerable, especially on the Internet. Opt for a homemade catio will allow you, in addition to getting some personal satisfaction, to save money.

Comment amenáger un catio?

When you set up a catio, the goal is for your cat to feel fulfilled there. Also, make sure he can all at once eat regularly, have fun and rest. You can thus, depending on the size of your catio, install a griffoir , a tree purchase , of the high nap places , a obstacle course , of the hiding places

Where to put the catio?

The catio is absolutely not standardized. There are certainly as many catio as chats . Some will install it on their terrace or their balcony when others will favor the garden or transportable mode. Either way, try to find a place that is both in the shade and in the sun . Or that there are shaded areas and others very exposed. Your pet loves basking in the sun as much as it needs shade when the heat is too high. If possible, place the catio where your cat can see what is going on around him. If you are not in the city center, between insects and birds, there is no shortage of interesting things.

Where to buy a catio?

You can buy a catio in all specialized brands . The offer on the Internet is also plethoric. In terms of price, the cheapest options are around 200 euros . The most expensive have no limit, some imagining a real amusement park for their pet.