Catherine Lara is 77 years old: Passion with Muriel Robin, Love with Moustaki, Couple with Barbara...

Catherine Lara turns 77 on May 29! Always deliciously spicy and funny, the singer and violinist has seen all the colors. Her beginnings with Nougaro, her trouple, her story with Samantha, through her dislike of underwear and her collection of jokes, discover the secrets of the diamond rocker.

  Catherine Lara is 77 years old: Passion with Muriel Robin, Love with Moustaki, Couple with Barbara...

Catherine Lara celebrates her 77th birthday this Sunday, May 29, 2022. The diamond rocker , who was honored with the rank of Commander of the National Order of Merit in December 2020, had announced that she was stepping down and would no longer sing in public, but she nevertheless remains forever attached to her violin . Water has flowed under the bridge since the violinist dropped at Michel Denisot than what she looked at first in a man, it was his wife … But Catherine Lara hasn't lost her cheekiness or her bite. Bold and endowed with a free spirit, she lived a rather eventful life between threesome , 'sensual' idyll and walks without underwear . Discover the secrets of the diamond rocker.

His debut with Claude Nougaro

Catherine Lara began her career as a instrumentalist , in particular for Claude Nougaro, Francoise Hardy , Nana Mouskouri or even Maxime Le Forestier. It wasn't until 1972, at the age of 27, that she released her premier solo album , Optional .

A rock solid couple with Samantha

Catherine Lara is in love with the same woman for 25 years . His sweetheart responds to the first name of Samantha and would be a talented violinist, just like the diamond rocker. the secret of longevity of are couple? ' I just work on 'our' love on a daily basis. I constantly question myself, I wonder what needs to be changed, improved, what new look I need to take on Sam so that she feels that I love her. (...) I make sure to be in a wonderful sensuality. (...) Because we must not lie to each other: promiscuity in a couple is a terrible love killer' , she explained to Gala .

In 2001, she already confided to Paris Match : ' I am sure of it : I will end my days near Sam . Even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined having the chance to meet such a beautiful person. '.

The Broken Heart by Muriel Robin

If Catherine Lara is swimming in happiness today with the chosen one of his heart, the singer had her share of heartaches … At the end of his romance with Muriel Robin , which ended in 1995 after five years together, Catherine Lara had ' the heart in pieces ', according to his confidences to Gala . ' But I had to mourn, you have to know how to recover from sad stories “, she relativized.

She got pregnant with Georges Moustaki

The musician, who abhors labels and feels ' hetero, bi and all at the same time ', lived a short idyll, but nevertheless ' sensual 'with none other than George Moustaki . At the time, he made her ' the yard and the garden ', according to his confidences in We are not in bed . She even got pregnant with him, but not being in love with the singer, she made the choice to abort .

' I have so much respect for the child, I said to myself that I didn't want to have a child at all to have someone look after him because I was on tour, it was going very well (...) He is a child that neither of us wanted. Me I believe in the fruit of love “, explained the singer in the emission of Laurent Ruquier .

She wrote a joke book

With her humor and her legendary repartee , Catherine Lara to write a collection of jokes … which was unfortunately never published. ' I had written a book called Femme de méninge. They were puns that formed sort of definitions. Like for example 'Hitler: he was driving SS shit '' she recalled in Brain Magazine .

His sickly hypochondria

Complicated for the violinist to live serenely in full coronavirus crisis . Catherine Lara l'assume: elle is hypochondriac . During confinement, there is no question of stick your nose out . She was doing deliver bread and soaked any object that came from outside in bleach . ' The confinement I totally respect him and I'm not kidding about it (...) I'm a real hypochondriac! I'm scared to catch something “, she admitted to the Parisian.

Undergarments ? Very little for her!

In 2017, on the set of Hello Earthlings , Liane Foley revealed that her dear friend was not a fan of the bra-panties and that she hardly ever wore underwear. ' I can tell because she says it openly: Catherine Lara n'aime pas les dessous “, she exclaimed. Information that the main interested party confirmed a few years later in Children of TV . Not cheeky for a penny!

She wrote the anthem of the Blues

In 2002, four years after the victory of the Blues, Catherine Lara wrote the anthem of the French team , on the occasion of the new edition of the Football World Cup . An uplifting song sung by... Johnny Hallyday . Proud of the success of the piece, Catherine Lara joked, in Brain Magazine : ' Even if it's not really my cam, I still started and it worked. We still sold 700,000 that year - and they didn't score a single goal, you bastards '.

The crazy story of 'Magic Night'

One of Catherine Lara's greatest hits, Magical Night , still resonates in our heads, decades after its release. And yet… did you know that this title would not have should not have seen the light of day ? ' The music for 'Magic Night' was written in five minutes , while the album was completed. This last-minute hit ended up in a Chéreau film and even remixed in techno by the Israeli DJ Offer Nissim “, she said in her book Between Life and Love . The diamond rocker wasn't planning on adding the track to her album, but the label insisted...and it was a hit! ' A gift from heaven ' for the performer.

Barbara: a platonic love

Catherine Lara has formed a strong friendship with the singer Barbara and even wrote two songs for his album Incestuous Loves . ' We saw each other every day, we formed a friendly couple lottery , ultimately. Nothing happened, but it was something very tender that was close to love. We spent nights walking together, laughing. We were called Lucette and Rosette, we talked nonsense… I really admired her. I wasn't a groupie, but close. I was fascinated “, she revealed to Brain Magazine .

Adept du trouple?

Catherine Lara has always been avant-garde . She was one of the first artists to publicly assume her homosexuality in France… But she was also and trouple (or almost). In love with two women, Catherine Lara could not make a choice and therefore decided to live two romances at the same time . ' Obviously I had to lie, hide, I felt guilty. It couldn't work. Three is always a bad number. Maybe I should have tried four! I'm kidding, but I was in a permanent malaise. I loved them both, really. It's utopian to think that we are monogamous ', she told in Catherine Ceylac's book, To life, to love .