Catherine Laborde disabled and unable to go out due to illness? Her husband says more

Invited on the set of the program 'Touche pas à mon poste' on Thursday October 6, Thomas Stern, the husband of Catherine Laborde, revealed why his wife refused to leave her home.

The news is not good for Catherine Laborde. Her husband has multiplied confidences on this subject and remains however strong in the face of this fight in which he takes part as a 'helper' with his wife and mythical weather presenter... In 2014, Catherine Laborde was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease: Lewy body disease . A neurocognitive pathology which, in the long term, causes violent crises of dementia , and which she had described herself as 'a mélange of Parkinson et d'Alzheimer' in his book To shiver published in 2018 by Plon editions. Forced to bid farewell to the French in 2017 , she has since completely left the media scene. Her husband takes stock of his health.

Catherine Laborde disabled? Her husband explains

On the occasion of National Caregivers Day, Thomas Stern came on October 6, 2022 to the set of TPMP give news of his wife and talk about their daily life in the face of the disease. Unfortunately , the state of health of the former weather presenter is not changing in the right direction. ' Catherine goes soo so so so, he began. And to confess bluntly: ' That's to say I passed the total tasting, but it was good. Let's say that she is progressing rather slowly, since she has been ill for four years. Whereas in general it is a disease that works much faster. But she is not better, because she has, which she did not have before, language and expression disorders. Lots of loss of stability, motor skills. She's not completely disabled either. “, he clarified.

He also confided in their daily lives. ' We went from a couple in love to a couple with a helper and a helper, which does not prevent them from being a couple in love. It is not exclusive, on the contrary even. We try to live normally, to eat, to go out “, he reported to Cyril Hanouna.

Catherine Laborde embarrassed by her condition

If Catherine Laborde's illness does not prevent her from moving around, she prefers to avoid going out for fear of being recognized in the street. ' She has a slight tendency to say: 'It bothers me, I don't want to go out. It bothers me. In addition, she doesn't really want to be seen, because that, she doesn't talk about it, but I know it very well ', reported Thomas Stern. And to add: ' She is still very recognized in the street and that bothers her ', he explained. ' She still looks alike, but she's not the same woman anymore . She has been sick for five years. There is also the management of: 'C'est Catherine Laborde'. It's not easy to manage outside in the public space “, he concluded.

Catherine Laborde facing the disease, her husband gives details on the set of Faustine Bollaert

Tuesday, October 4, 2022, Faustine Bollaert also wanted to pay tribute to him by inviting on the set of his show It starts today on France 2, Thomas Stern. And he agreed to give news of his wife, and to detail their daily life somewhat. 'She has entered a phase where she finds it difficult to express herself, that is to say that she understands what we are saying, but she has a lot of trouble formulating things' , he said. Before specifying: 'It's a so-called fluctuating disease. She has times when she becomes completely lucid again and in fact it does not reassure her because in those moments she wonders what is happening to her. ' .

Is Catherine Laborde's health stable?

In 2018, Catherine Laborde spoke one last time on the TF1 show seven to eight . The 71-year-old former television woman then explained in particular 'imagine sometimes having an aquarium on your head with goldfish that turn constantly' . ' I have constant memory loss . There, I have just spoken to you and I no longer remember what I had said half an hour earlier. We no longer know where we are, who we are' , she had also confided with emotion and sweetness.

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Unfortunately, as her husband related on the set of Faustine Bollaert, since this television appearance, his health deteriorated . The most painful thing in his eyes? no longer able to 'communicate verbally' with the one with whom he nevertheless had a great 'intellectual connection' . 'We are so steeped in languages, she and I, the fact that language escapes him completely disorients me, it's as if I too lost part of my life ' , he shared visibly moved.