Catherine Deneuve reveals her tattoo on the foot

If they are not new, the tattoos of Catherine Deneuve are rarely visible during the appearances of the actress. However, at the Venice Film Festival 2022, we could see his discreet tattoo on the foot. Photo.

 Catherine Deneuve reveals her tattoo on the foot

Julianne Moore, Mélanie Laurent, Hillary Clinton or even Alessandra Ambrosio: many are the stars who have walked the red carpet of the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival . But the one that caught our attention during this opening ceremony which took place on August 31st is Catherine Deneuve . The French star revealed to us his discreet tattoo for the occasion.

The tattoo on the foot of Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve was the guest of honor at the Venice International Film Festival since she received a Golden Lion there to reward her entire fine career. Dressed in a long red dress signed Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, the actress caused a sensation during the opening ceremony. Split to the knees, this outfit allowed us to see the tattoo located on the left foot of the Frenchwoman. Indeed, Catherine Deneuve wears a small tribal style tattoo which she rarely displays during her official appearances.

Catherine Deneuve at the Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2022

Catherine Deneuve's turtle tattoo

If she does not show them often, Catherine Deneuve has two tattoos on her body. In addition to this small indelible drawing on the foot, the star 78 years old has a bigger turtle back tattoo , also in tribal style. Placed under her neck, this tattoo is covered by the hair of the actress who, in an interview with the magazine Obsession , confessed to prefer discreet locations. The mother of actress Chiara Mastroianni also revealed the meaning of her tattoos: ' It's special, it's like a sign. A desire to be different. It's quite erotic “, she confided.