Catherine Deneuve in the guise of Bernadette Chirac: an expected biopic, the furious family - PHOTO

This October 22, the immense actress celebrates her 79th birthday. And her film career is going strong! While the first photos of the biopic devoted to the former presidential couple reveal Catherine Deneuve transformed into Bernadette Chirac, Claude Chirac does not hide his anger.

  Catherine Deneuve in the guise of Bernadette Chirac: an expected biopic, the furious family - PHOTO

The great young lady of French cinema has returned to filming after a long break due to her slight stroke which had suspended the filming of the film In his lifetime in 2019. For his great return to the cinema, Catherine Deneuve created a surprise since she will play Bernadette Chirac in The turtle, a film devoted to the love story between Jacques and Bernadette Chirac . In this first feature film by Léa Domenach, daughter of political journalist Nicolas Domenach, it is the actor Michel Vuillermoz who embodies the role of Jacques Chirac . Artus will slip into David Douillet's judoka costume who rubbed shoulders with the first lady a lot as part of Operation Yellow Pieces.

Why did the film title make Catherine Deneuve doubt?

With the title The turtle , the film is a nod to the nickname that Jacques Chirac, always in a hurry, had given to his wife, finding that her step was always too slow compared to her long strides. In the columns of Release , the one who embodies the former First Lady – and celebrates her 79th birthday on October 22, 2022 – confided in this film which she has just completed filming. ' When I was told the title, I thought, 'This is crazy. How am I going to do this?' And when I read her screenplay, I understood that it was the story of a woman who comes out of her gangue and acquires strength and freedom over time. The film is not a reconstruction but it is based on real situations. It was never a question of copying it but of drawing inspiration from it. To understand this kind of role, the costume is very important. '

And the costume, Catherine Deneuve like Michel Vuillermoz wear it in a completely stunning way if we are to believe the very first photo of the shoot which has been unveiled. Impeccable brushing and an ultra-classic navy blue suit, the French star who has just received a Lion of Honor for her entire career seems to have metamorphosed into Bernadette Chirac. At his side, Michel Vuillermoz also seems larger than life in the costume of the president .

Why is Claude Chirac tackling the biopic?

Dedicated to the couple formed by Jacques and Bernadette Chirac, the film The turtle already arouses a lot of expectation and reactions, and in particular from the family of Bernadette and Jacques Chirac since it is not an authorized biopic. Claude Chirac, the youngest daughter of the presidential couple, did not hide her anger in an interview with Paris Match , lamenting not having been approached by the production . ' They may not know that Bernadette is still alive “, would she have tackled …