Catherine Deneuve: Her son Christian Vadim remarried, who is his new wife?

It's official, Christian Vadim remarried. At 59, the actor married his partner, Nadège Meziat, with whom he had been making perfect love for several years. Actress, screenwriter… Find out who is the new wife of the son of Catherine Deneuve and Roger Vadim.

  Catherine Deneuve : Son fils Christian Vadim s'est remarié, qui est sa nouvelle épouse ?

It is discreetly, in the heart of summer, that Christian Vadim (59) and Nadège Meziat said 'yes' to each other in the city of Saint-Tropez, teaches us the magazine VSD . A marriage, which took place in July 2022, which materializes a romance born on the boards a few years earlier.

When he meets Nadège Meziat, the half-brother of Chiara Mastroianni has just separated from Julia Livage , columnist on the show Telematin on France 2, with whom he lived a love story for 15 years , and from whom are born two children, Lou, born on April 5, 2010, and Mona, born in January 2012. He was also married in 1996 to the stylist Caroline Bufalini and is also the father of Igor, who saw the day in 1987, resulting from his idyll with the radio columnist Hortense Divetain.

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How Catherine Deneuve's son met his darling?

After his break with Julia Livage, Christian Vadim who had shared the line with Nadège Meziat in the play The girl in the back seat, reconnect with the pretty actress . Both share the same passion for the theater. A bond that quickly turns into a beautiful love story. ' When we separated with Julia, I saw Nadège again, who was writing for the theatre. We've been living together for four years ', he confided in November 2021 in a rare interview for Closer.

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An accomplice couple in the city as well as on stage

Accomplice in life, the couple is also in work. A union that inspires new artistic projects , in particular a piece that the young wife imagined especially for her and her companion. Moreover, far from dwelling on the wedding festivities, shortly after their union, the couple did not wait to take the path of the boards .

The duo immediately went to the Avignon festival, ' Christian Vadim and Nadège Meziat met on stage to play At the end of the wharf , which she wrote and which he directed ' , can we read in VSD . A prosperous collaboration since the piece should soon travel across France. ' Their complicity should be available on stage throughout France in 2023 ' with a ' TV recording ' and the possible distribution or adaptation on streaming platforms, tells us VSD. Good news for newlyweds!