Carole Bouquet celebrates her 65th birthday: loves, dramas, Rassam, Depardieu, Mitterrand...

Carole Bouquet, who turns 65 this Tuesday, August 18, has lived a thousand and one lives alongside Franco-Lebanese producer Jean-Pierre Rassam, then in the arms of Gérard Depardieu. The actress was bugged by François Mitterrand, accomplished the American dream in New York... Some have even lent her a romance with actress Clio Goldsmith. So, do you know all the faces of this famous beauty?

  Carole Bouquet celebrates her 65th birthday: loves, dramas, Rassam, Depardieu, Mitterrand...

The first love, the real one, is one that you never forget. From now on in a relationship with Philippe Sereys de Rothschild , Carole Bouquet lived several great romances which marked her ad vitam aeternam... but the one who upset her youth, her pure heart as a young actress, is the French-Lebanese producer Jean-Pierre Rassam . How to turn away from this astonishing stature (although he would have been relatively small), this particular intelligence, this offbeat nobility in the look of the man who had 37 spring when the actress was only 21 when they met? The 62-year-old actress exposed herself in an exciting interview at 'Vanity Fair', released in March 2020. Memories on the occasion of her birthday on August 18...

The meeting with Jean-Pierre Rassam

We are in 1978 . The actress has just start his career playing the role of Conchita in Luis Buñuel's film, That Obscure Object of Desire , and that of Béatrice, in the serial The Cicada Family . He wishes more than anything buy out the Gaumont company ... without success. ' I had no idea who it was. The Gaumont affair was unknown to me. I didn't know he almost had a movie empire in his hands. I did not know that he had lived in a suite at the Ritz for three years and that he received all the cinema there like a pasha, in a dressing gown', the actress recalled in Vanity Fair 

And tell his meeting with Jean-Pierre Rassam : ' I was in an office with Alain Sarde, the producer of Cold Buffet, and Jean-Luc Godard. And for a good twenty minutes neither of them spoke. I wanted to go underground. Then a gentleman walking like Charlie Chaplin came into the office and started talking, talking, talking and this guy saved me (…) I discovered a troublemaker who dared to make fun of Godard, used familiarity with him and that was delicious '.

Carole Bouquet, madly in love with Rassam

Some months later, feelings come true at the Cannes Film Festival: ' One evening he invited me on Francis Ford Coppola's boat. And I fell madly in love with him that night '.

For nearly 7' light years ', the tandem is inseparable , spends his time laughing at life, love, rain and good weather. ' These are years that have changed my life. Extraordinary years that I wish for every human being ', dropped the actress. From this romance, the actress has kept ineffable memories, but above all... a son, fruit of their love, Dimitri Rassam (current husband of charlotte casiraghi ).

Wiretapping by the President

Jean-Pierre Rassam and Carole Bouquet

A beautiful story somewhat tainted by a eavesdropping . Indeed, in 1993, Carole Bouquet discovered that two of his phone lines were tapped by the President of the Republic François Mitterrand , between 1983 and 1986... supposedly because of his connection with Jean Pierre Rassam . The DGSE (General Directorate for External Security) suspects the Beirut-born producer to be a ' arms dealer, who would have links with groups in Lebanon, but also with the Algerian president, Chadli Bendjedid '.

However, one item does not stick. The actress was bugged until 1986 ... more than a year later the death of Jean-Pierre Rassam ! ' Did Mitterrand want to break into my private life? For what reasons ? Jean Edern Hallier (journalist and creator of the newspaper L'Idiot International, editor's note) often passed by the house at that time. He knew that Mitterrand had a hidden daughter, Mazarine Pingeot, and thought to reveal it ', she assumed before concluding: ' I wish them a lot of fun listening to us '.

The mystery of the death of Jean-Pierre Rassam

Despite the warmth of amorous transport and the daily exaltation, the couple goes through moments of turmoil. After living for years under the addiction to drugs and alcohol , the producer died in 1985 , at 43, by swallowing drugs and sleeping pills. So far the mystere de sa mort remains whole.

Did he attempt to take his own life? Carole Bouquet does not believe a word of it. ' Neither suicide nor overdose as we said, we told many false things. It's an accident, what happened. He didn't spare himself, took Gardenal to protect himself from the damage of the heroin. But after years of excess, the body claims its debt “, she estimated in Vanity Fair .

Today, Carole Bouquet regrets for not anticipating his distress: ' I thought he was invincible, Rassam. It was a phoenix. He was reborn. I really believed that we had our lives ahead of us. I didn't see that he was in danger.'

With Gérard Depardieu: from friendship to love

Gerard Depardieu and Carole Bouquet

After knowing this galvanizing passion, life could have seemed very austere for C arole Bouquet . But the reckless actress recovers somehow from the death of the one she loves and ends up r fall in love in 1996 ... of his faithful friend Gérard Depardieu .

' I had an immense tenderness for this friend and an infinite admiration for this actor (...) Then, one day, he was living alone, he had separated, he liked to come to my house to tell me his stories… I was also alone, I had just turned 40… And I start to look at him differently. Of a wonderful friend, I looked upon him as a man' , she remembered, always with Vanity Fair.

Carole Bouquet: to all the men she has loved before

Their love story ends in 2005 , but the actress does not scratch it from her life, far from it. And to conclude: Those whom I loved with a deep love are still with me. Should I erase ten years of my life because I am no longer with such and such a man? I have loved fascinating men, with extraordinary curiosity and strength. I liked these excessive moments with them' .

Carole Bouquet, in a relationship with actress Clio Goldsmith?

And then, there are these stories invented from scratch by rumor... In the 1980s, many imagined that the actress was going through a passionate romance with none other than l'actrice Clio Goldsmith . The reason ? Carole Bouquet, who is shooting the film Blank Generation , from Ulli Lommel in New York, became for some time his roommate in an apartment in the Big Apple.

' I took an apartment with actress Clio Goldsmith. Everyone thought for a long time that Clio and I were dating! The Italians especially, for whom it remained a fantasy - they still talk to me about it in interviews! With Clio, we formed a perfect duo: I didn't say a word and she was completely extroverted as soon as she had a drink. She was dancing on the tables, she was so funny... We spent a year like that, without having a boyfriend ', she confided. A free woman in her head, in front of and behind her window.