Carmen Electra turns 50 (and electrified Prince, Playboy, Scary Movie, Malibu, Dennis Rodman, MTV, Dave Navarro...)

Renamed Carmen Electra by Prince, the actress and singer ignited the beaches of Baywatch with her incendiary curves... What happens to the sulphurous star as she celebrates her 50th birthday?

  Carmen Electra turns 50 (and electrified Prince, Playboy, Scary Movie, Malibu, Dennis Rodman, MTV, Dave Navarro...)

Born Tara Leigh Patrick on April 20, 1972, carmen electra grew up near Sharonville, Ohio. His father, Harry Patrick is a guitarist while his mother, Patricia is a singer . She attended Princeton High School, then the School of Creative and Performing Arts. Carmen Electra makes the trip to Minneapolis. in 1991 to start a singing career . It was in her town of Minnesota that she met the Kid, Prince qui va la lancer sur la grande scène.

Carmen Electra, rapper and protege of Prince

Prince, then at the height of his glory, wanted with his record company, to create an all-female rap group . He sets his sights on Carmen Electra. It is even him who advises him to take this nickname. She soon signed with Prince's Paisley Park label and released a self-titled album in 1992, which was a flop. A few lean years followed, confirmed by the tours that followed. This album will be Carmen Electra's one and only album.

Carmen Electra, from Playboy at the beaches of California

Carmen Electra's career took another turn in 1996 when she won the pages of the magazine of charm  Playboy . Not only does she strike a pose with talent, but she appears in the Playboy Cheerleaders video. in which she performs a song called ' 2-4-6-8 '...

The opportunity to get noticed by MTV who chose her to replace Jenny McCarthy as co-host of the show Singled Out . Sexy muse, she catches the eye of the producers of Alerte à Malibu who call on her to take over from a cult naiad from the 1990s , Pamela Anderson .

Mermaid in a red swimsuit with fantastic plastic, Carmen Electra is a huge success in the series. She returns a few years later as a guest star (naked) in the magazine that made her famous by appearing in the number of naked celebrities from Playboy .

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Carmen Electra, at the cinema: a lot of nanars (but hindsight)

In the late 1990s, Carmen Electra made her film debut in the flop Good Burger . She then finds herself in a number of more or less bad movies over the next few years. She is most notably remembered in the horror movie parody Scary Movie (2000) and Perfume (2001). She also gets secondary roles in Uptown Girls (2003) and Starsky & Hutch (2004) before appearing again in Scary Movie 4 where she does proof of a certain self-mockery .

Prince, Dennis Rodman, Dave Navarro... the men in his life

The star dated her share of superstars. Starting with Prince who was not only his mentor in music. However, their relationship did not last . Carmen Electra told AND! online : ' He was in control, but I liked that about him. How I dressed, the music, the hairstyles. He was a genius in all of this. I told him I wanted to live in L.A. and he spent as much time here as he did in Minnesota. He wanted me to go back to Minnesota and I said no. I broke up with him and stayed in L.A. '

She was then briefly the wife of the Chicago Bulls basketball player Dennis Rodman , in 1998. They dated for nine months before getting married at the Little Chapel of Flowers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their marriage was doomed from the start and they asked for the annulment of their union just nine days later the wedding.

Carmen Electra then married the guitarist Dave Navarro , who played for a time in the Red Hot Chili Peppers . The couple married in 2003 and their relationship was well documented on the show Til Death Do Us Part from MTV. However, the couple divorced amicably in 2006 . Carmen told AND ! news that she was still on good terms with her ex: ' We are still very good friends. I just posted a snapshot on Instagram because we met at the same hotel. We have a connection and it's undeniable and i will always love her . '

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Married twice, no children... What becomes of Carmen Electra?

In recent years, Carmen Electra has moved away from the media landscape. His last TV appearance dates back to 2016 when she played herself in the Netflix series Jane the Virgin . However, she regularly gives her news on social networks where she does not refrain from sharing pictures highlighting her body of which she always takes great care. She also decided to launch their own brand of beauty products : Gogo Skincare , a range of cosmetics which she baptized in homage to her first single at the time: Go-Go Dancer!