Carla Bruni, what she imposes on herself to stay young

Her youth secret, her vision of beauty, her sports routine... Carla Bruni opens up in an interview where she reveals what she does to stay beautiful and young. Confidences.

 Carla Bruni, what'elle s'impose pour rester jeune

Carla Bruni gave an interview for the magazine SHE , released on November 17, in which she talks about the secrets behind her natural beauty, between rigor and boredom.

Beauty beyond appearances for Carla Bruni

At the age of 54, Carla Bruni has managed to retain her beauty, proving that she has lost none of her years as a successful model. If some stars bet on the plastic surgery To preserve their youth, the former First Lady of France reveals that, for her, beauty is above all a state of mind. 'I don't feel like it was my beauty that did the whole thing. My modjo is elsewhere! It's all about keeping a bit of yourself. Keeping the flame, which is completely fact different from appearance' , said Nicolas Sarkory's wife. However, Guilia's mother is aware of the inevitable aging. ' Most the passing of time is a desolation “, underlined the Italian star.

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Sport to stay young

In this interview, Carla Bruni also revealed her beauty secret to staying young at 54: an irreproachable lifestyle that she sometimes finds difficult to accept. ' I do two hours of sport a day. I impose on myself a lifestyle that bothers me enormously. That's the only thing I regret.' she confessed. Besides, this very healthy lifestyle catches up with her when it comes to partying. ' But suddenly, I'm sober. I consume very little alcohol, otherwise I I can drink like an Irish sailor! No limit! If the question of health did not arise, I would not live in this crazy sobriety', said the singer who, seeing her pretty photos on Instagram, has adopted a very effective beauty routine to maintain her beauty and her dream body.