Carla Bruni and her chic style, from model to first lady

Model, first lady, singer... Carla Bruni has had several lives. And several styles. What are the secrets of her outfits? Decryption.

  Carla Bruni and her chic style, from model to first lady

Franco-Italian born in Turin, Carla Bruni began her modeling career at the age of 19. Elevated to the rank of top model at the dawn of the 90s, she marched for the biggest fashion brands and traveled all over the world to walk the catwalks. When she hung up her stiletto heels, Carla Bruni launched into song with a first album released in 2002. Not without sporting always impeccable style . Then became French first lady under the mandate of Nicolas Sarkozy . So, red carpets at the Élysée, decryption of a recognizable look among all.

Carla Bruni at the Christian Dior Fall/Winter 1995 show

What did Carla Bruni's style look like when she was a model?

On the catwalks, impossible to miss the slender figure of Carla Bruni . Her 75 meter and her fascinating proportions (86-61-89) make her an essential figure in modeling. We then see her parade alongside the tops of 1990s decked out in all sorts of creations, from micro-swimsuits by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel to ultra-sensual outfits by Versace. Outside the catwalks, she does not hesitate to show off her body either, but remains more sober. Long tight dresses, bare backs or necklines sublimate her shapes during the elite evenings spent in the arms of her model friends, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer.

What was Carla Bruni's style when she started her singing career?

In the closet, the stilletos! Carla Bruni exits Someone told me in 2002, two years after signing a handful of songs for Julien Clerc. It then appears in a new light. This debut album, which combines tender, almost whispered lyrics with the clean sound of a guitar, is accompanied by a new, equally minimalist dress code. A T-shirt, a white shirt, a fine knit, jeans and sometimes on stage a jacket make up this wardrobe less is more . This casual style will not leave her, in her daily life as in her life as an artist.

Carla Bruni at the Elysée in July 2008

How did Carla Bruni dress when she was first lady?

In November 2007, Carla Bruni made the encounter that would change her life. It was during a dinner organized by Jacques Seguela that she crosses the path of Nicolas Sarkozy . It's love at first sight: they say yes a year later at the Élysée, during very discreet weddings. Just like her wedding dress, whose immaculate bust we could see in the documentary Elysium . When she becomes first lady, she adopts a more classic look, between modernity and protocol. The singer remains faithful to her everyday uniform for outings in the field. In the evening, the ex-model shines in long dresses that look great on her, embellished with small heels most often signed by Christian Louboutin Louboutin. In the event of a summit meeting or a solemn event, it is from the Jackie Kennedy style that she borrows the codes of the formal look with suits and ballerinas. A panoply that she will leave aside when leaving the Elysée to rediscover her simple and unfussy elegance.

How does Carla Bruni dress today?

Since leaving the Élysée Palace, Carla Bruni has been involved with numerous associations. So much so that in April 2009, she created the fondation Carla-Bruni-Sarkozy , which fights for access to culture and knowledge for all. When she is not an ambassador for various causes, she attends the biggest fashion shows and poses for one of the women's magazines. Here again, her looks are meant to be calmer, more sober, but still glamorous at will.

What do her favorite casual looks look like?

Over the years, she reveals a report which she seems to have thought of as tailor-made: jeans, a T-shirt and a blazer. Her modeling years are now far behind her, even though she paraded for Versace again in 2017, but she can count on her son, Aurélien Enthoven, to take over. The young man, born in 2001, stood out in the fashion world by parading, in June 2022, for Versace during Milan Fashion Week, then for Saint Laurent in the Moroccan desert a few weeks later.

Comment copier the style of Carla Bruni?

Nothing could be simpler (literally). At Carla Burni, not too many colors and patterns. The former First Lady prefers more natural colors and well-cut clothes. Flared jeans and sweaters in neutral tones, long black dresses, suit jackets worn over leather pants... Among his favorite brands, the label Which of which she never misses a parade.