Caramel hair: how to adopt this luminous coloring

On brown or blond hair, Caramel hair is the color you need to give your hair a sunburn. We explain everything about this new hair color that can be obtained through different techniques.

 Caramel hair: how to adopt this luminous coloring

After the roux , the Mousy hair or the Cruella hair, a new coloring has been added to the trends for this summer: the Caramel hair which turns out to be perfect for these sunny days. Already adopted by Kim Kardashian, Lucy Hale, Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner, the Caramel hair offers an irresistible look for the season. Here's how to adopt Caramel hair in style.

What is Caramel Hair?

Clever mix between brown and blond, Caramel hair is not just a simple color bronde since it is placed between the luminous blond, the golden brown and the soft red. Caramel hair offers sunny hair, the shade of which will depend on the current color of your hair and the coloring technique chosen.

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How to have Caramel hair?

Want to succumb to Caramel hair to sport a new hair color this summer? Know that there are several techniques to achieve a Caramel hair, which are to be chosen according to the color of your hair. Because if he suitable for all hair types , whether straight, curly or frizzy, Caramel hair takes on different shades on Blond hair or brown.

So, if your hair is brown, a balayage or of fine wicks caramel color are enough to bring relief and luminosity to your mane which will give the illusion of having golden in the sun. On the other hand, if you have blond hair, you can opt for a coloration caramel all over the hair or add subtle caramel highlights for a natural hair result.

You will have understood: Caramel hair is the summer color to adopt without further delay!