Capricorn, your horoscope for January 2023

This month of January of the year will not be the most pleasant. You will encounter relationship difficulties at work and in your relationship. You will have to show finesse in your thinking to change the situation quickly. Fortunately, you will not encounter any major health problems. And this throughout the year.

  Capricorn, your horoscope for January 2023

Love & Dating

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Is your partner cheating on you? This is the question you will be asking yourself in January. And you will let the interested party know. Tensions, disputes are likely to break out. If you have children, try to keep them out of the way and prevent them from witnessing your domestic scenes. It might upset them. Your couple will be very fragile. If you are single, you will have to make up your mind: Cupid will not point his arrow at you at the start of the year. The month of January is therefore not favorable to love in your astral conjunction. And there will be few thinnings until the following year.

Money & work

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This month of January will not bring any special events at the professional level. However, you will find your position full of desire and motivation. You will get to work, you will want to organize yourself better, you will offer your colleagues lots of little ideas to improve profitability at work but also the well-being of everyone. In short, you will be there and there at the start of the year. As for your finances, they will be healthy. No particular cash flow but very good management at the end of last year allowed you to be generous for the holidays without compromising your accounts.

Health & Fitness

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In January, like all the months to come, you will be in dazzling shape. It will also be necessary to slow down, sometimes, your dynamism, especially in the family (and intimate!) domain where you could do a little too much. What do you want, not everyone will have your dynamism at the start of the year! Be that as it may, this state of well-being that will characterize you in January will allow you to give of yourself tirelessly. Whether at work, in your leisure time or in your family sphere, you will generate positive waves. We will be grateful to you.

Family & Friends

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As a couple, you will tend to hide in your sweet home during this month of January. You will go out little and prefer to stay with your partner who will not ask for better. True hermits in love! If you are single, after a week of calm (and diet!) to rest your body, which has been overstretched by the holidays, you will go out a lot and enjoy being with your friends. You will be cheerful, affable and generous. As usual, you will play the teaser.

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Your month of January 2023 according to your ascendant

Capricorn rising Aries

You will give advice to your life partner without applying it to yourself. Here's some nerve! This may cause you to lose credibility. The backlash promises to be relentless and you will be forced to admit your wrongs.

Capricorn rising Taurus

Let's be frank, you will have no desire to invest yourself, to spend yourself in your professional activity at the beginning of the year. You will dream of other horizons, far, very far from your current reality.

Capricorn rising Gemini

You will meet a quality person but the relationship will only be a flash in the pan. You will be disappointed. Rest assured because love, the real one, the one that will last, is very close. It's only a matter of weeks.

Capricorn rising Cancer

You will frolic during this month of January and will multiply, for your greatest pleasure, the meetings of one evening. Take your precautions in privacy and go out…covered! We never know.

Capricorn rising Leo

You will want to shine at work but no opportunity will allow you to express this need. Rest assured, you will soon have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Capricorn rising Virgo

You will find that things are not moving fast enough in your work. This will lead to impatience and nervousness on your part. Is this slowness a reality or an interpretation truncated by your fear of not completing the project for which you are responsible?

Capricorn rising Libra

Faced with the professional routine in this month of January, you will work on a personal project which will prove to be extremely positive in the months to come. There is a good chance that you will change your field of activity.

Capricorn rising Scorpio

You will want to go out, to party as soon as the opportunity presents itself. If you are in a relationship, take into consideration your partner's desires, which will be significantly different from yours. We will have to find a happy medium to satisfy everyone.

Capricorn rising Sagittarius

Love will be at its zenith this January. Your couple will find colors under your impulse. If you are single, love at first sight should have arrived at the end of the month. You will want to pinch yourself as you will be satisfied.

Capricorn rising Capricorn

You will decide, at the beginning of the year, to embark on a professional project that is particularly close to your heart. Take the time to deepen it before proposing it to your management. The idea is good but requires, beforehand, a feasibility study.

Capricorn rising Aquarius

Learn to confide in your partner from time to time. Don't ask him just for hugs. It's important in a couple to be able to talk, to pour out, to sometimes shed a tear against the other's shoulder. Try it, you'll see, it feels great!

Capricorn rising Pisces

More gifts to your loved ones this January? Calm down, the holidays are over and your wallet has already suffered enough from your generosity. Don't forget that there are displays of affection that don't require you to pull out your credit card.