Cap d'Agde: Pascal Pessiot, lover of 'orgiac evenings', tried for pedophilia...

Pascal Pessiot, businessman and well-known head of Cap d'Agde, is now in the hands of justice. He is accused of rape and sexual assault on four young girls around him, as well as possession of child pornography.

  no d'Agde : Pascal Pessiot, amateur de "soirées orgiaques", jugé pour pédophilie...

On the one hand, Pascal Pessiot was a recognized businessman, a formidable investor who had first made his fortune in real estate and who, recently, had been the CEO of the Société française de casinos. On the other, he was one of the key figures in the naturist town of Cap d'Agde where he owned a second home in which he and his wife Katia, assumed libertines, organized parties very famous in swinger and fetish circles. . Today, the 69-year-old man is in the hands of French justice. And for good reason, he is accused of rapes , sexual assault and possession of child pornography . The couple are also accused of exposing their own children to an ultra-sexualized world.

Pascal Pessiot, his wife Katia and her lover in court

It is first of all the way of life of Pascal Pessiot and his wife who is singled out. Very well known in the sadomasochistic community, they indeed very regularly organized orgies that could bring together up to 150 people. Katia, nicknamed 'Mistress K', was even a kind of icon of this little world since he knew that her submissive and lover, a certain Mickaël, had his own room, 'Le Donjon', in the couple's villa. . The man, who was called 'Mick the dog', was very often the star of the evenings. He wandered around in a leather harness, dressed up as a dog and held on a leash by Katia Pessiot herself. It is therefore this way of life that today brings the three accomplices to appear before the French justice system which accuses them of having exposed the twins of the couple to an ultra sexualized world. Offenses which have been tried by the Paris Assize Court since Tuesday, September 13, 2022 due to the criminal nature of the other charges based on Pascal Pessiot.

Pascal Pessiot, tried for rape, sexual assault and possession of child pornography images

The businessman is in fact accused of possession of more than 80,000 child pornography files, some of which would even feature his own daughters. The man, who defines himself as a 'serial downloader' , confessed to having developed a real addiction to these images after getting tired of everything else: extreme pornography, scatophilia, zoophilia... His wife, for her part, confessed to having closed her eyes for fear of losing her social status and her luxurious lifestyle. It was therefore through this that the authorities ended up suspecting the man of pedophilia . Today, Pascal Pessiot is accused of rape and sexual assault on four little girls around him, three of his nieces and the daughter of one of his former mistresses . Two of his young daughters even spoke of repeated rapes since the age of seven or eight . His niece reported the speech of the rich businessman who would have long made him believe that, in antiquity, uncles were in charge of the sex education of their nieces. She thus described increasingly intrusive gestures. 'He recognizes, and regrets, sexual hugs from his eleven or twelve years' , said one of his two lawyers Me Philippe Sarda. 'Most he refutes any penetration , a limit that she had set and that he always respected'.

He recognizes, and regrets, sexual hugs

The daughter of one of his former mistresses, whom he saw born and whom he believed to be the father for a long time, also made confessions to the investigators in charge of the case. She says she had sex with him for several years in exchange for financial largesse. 'It can be morally suppressed, and my client admits there was nothing healthy about the relationship, but he strongly disputes any notion of coercion' , pleaded Me Sarda. Me Céline Astolfe, lawyer for the Children's Foundation, who is a civil party in this case, sees in the media coverage of this trial 'the opportunity to remember not only that the child pornography image also represents real abused children but also that it is often the trigger for the passage to the act' . Pascal Pessiot faces up to twenty years in prison , his wife five years in prison and his lover Mickaël, two years. The verdict is expected for September 23. He remains presumed innocent until the final judgment of this case.