Cannes Film Festival 2022: Discover the complete list...

The big movie stars have climbed the steps of the Cannes Film Festival. After more than ten days of glamour, rhinestones and glitz, the awards were handed out. Discover the complete winners and everything you missed on the 75th edition of the long-awaited event of the seventh art...

  Cannes Film Festival 2022: Discover the complete list...

The most glamorous date in France ended with glitter, rhinestones, red carpet, kisses and prestigious awards! The 75 and edition of the Cannes Film Festival , which runs until May 28 2022, rolled out its red carpet, its grand vintage of films and its panoply of national and international stars. Vincent Lindon , Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria, Bérénice Béjo, Idris Elba, Tom Cruise, Carole Bouquet, Julianne Moore, Noomi Rapace and many others landed on the Croisette...

This year it's the movie Without Filter , by Swede Ruben Östlund, who was awarded the palme d'Or. This is not a first for the filmmaker, since he also received the ultimate prize at Cannes for his film The Square in 2017.

The Dardenne brothers also received a special award for their film Tori et Locita .

The feature films Close , from Belgian Lukas Dhont, and Stars at Noon , by Frenchwoman Claire Denis, both received the Grand Prix.

As for the jury prize, it was awarded to films The Eight Mountains and hi-han .

Cannes Film Festival: Complete Palmares

'Sans filters', de Ruben Östlund

'Close', de Lukas Dhont et 'Stars at noon', de Claire Denis

'Le otto montagne', the Charlotte Vandermeersch et Felix Van Groeningen et 'Eo', the Jerzy Skolimowski

Park Chan-Wook, pour 'Decision to leave'.

Tarik Saleh, pour 'Boy from heaven'

Zar Amir-Ebrahimi, pour 'Holy Spider'

Song Kang Ho, for “The Good Stars”

'The water murmurs', de Jianing Ghen

'Lori', de Abinash Bikram Shah

'War Pony' by Riley Keough and Gina Gammell

'Plan 75' by Chie Hayakawa

'Tori and Lokita', by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

Tom Cruise and the Top Gun team, amazed by the Patrouille de France

Tom Cruise had landed on May 18 to ignite the red carpet on the occasion of the screening of Tom Gun: Maverick by Joseph Kosinski!

Omar Sy and his wife Hélène, Anthony Delon and his fiancée Sviva Alviti , but also Elle Fanning, Adriana Lima (and her baby bump) or even Frederique Bel: celebrities were many to parade on the red carpet before the screening of the long-awaited film.

During this preview in Cannes, the Patrouille de France wanted to pay tribute to the team of Top Gun: Maverick and flew over the Palais des Festivals in Cannes in letting out smoke blue white red . Watching the show, the actors had wide-eyed wonder. A highlight of the Cannes Film Festival.

Tom Cruise, awarded an honorary palme d'or

The 59-year-old actor was also awarded the Honorary Palme d'Or , May 18, on stage, in front of the public. ' We are happy and proud to award you this honorary gold medal. ', declared the president of the Cannes Film Festival, Pierre Lescure. Surprised by this obviously unexpected reward , the actor dropped with emotion: ' You made my life '.

In the morning, the actor had hosted a masterclass to discuss the course of his career and give his acting advice. ' I make films for the big screen. My films will not be released directly on the platforms. Going to the cinema is sharing an experience, whatever our culture or language. I go to see the movies in theaters when they come out. I put on my cap (so as not to be recognized). I like to see the trailers ', did he declare.

The day before, Tom Cruise had met the pilots of the Patrouille de France who were able to chat with the actor and take pictures. ' He inspired a generation of pilots “, captioned the Patrouille de France on their Twitter account.

Russian filmmaker Kirill Serebrennikov says 'no' to war

After the movie Tchaikovsky's Wife , by Russian filmmaker Kirill Serebrennikov, was screened on May 18, the director took the floor to denounce the abuses of the Russian army in Ukraine. ' No to war! I am absolutely convinced that the culture and the people of the culture are able to make this war stop “, he launched.

Virginie Efira opens the Cannes Film Festival

Virginie Efira , mistress of ceremonies , launched this new edition of the Cannes Film Festival with great fanfare. ' The world is written in an incomprehensible language. Cinema is translated for us with images and emotions. Without this light, without this common language, everyone is at night. Dear friends, let's get out of this night together and embrace the world “, declared during the opening party on May 17, the actress, wearing a long sparkling Yves Saint Laurent dress.

Virginie Efira sings Johnny on stage

On stage, Virginie Efira has paid tribute to Johnny Hallyday and took over the title That I love you , alongside the songwriter Vincent Delerm, who accompanied him on the piano. ' Cinema is listened to at least as much as it is watched ', explained the master of ceremonies.

Standing-ovation pour Volodymyr Zelensky

After this moment out of time, the emotion became even more intense. ' The first edition of the Cannes Film Festival was held in 1946 after the Venice Film Festival as a message of hope on the ruins of a Europe in full reconstruction . Since then, the strength of the festival has always been to be one with history' , first declared Virginie Efira.

“Today, as we celebrate its 75th edition, both Ukrainian directors and Russian dissident filmmakers have their place there. Because there are realities that crush everything and impose themselves on us, because there are has voices we need to listen to, ladies and gentlemen, with us, live from Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “, announced the mistress of ceremonies.

When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared on the screen, the whole room rose to give a standing ovation to the leader of the country invaded by Russia. ' It's a great honor for me ', declared the Ukrainian President before referring to Charlie Chaplin's film, The dictator , released in 1940.' Charlie Chaplin's great dictator did not destroy the real dictator at the time. But thanks to this film, cinema has ceased to be silent, in every sense of the word. It was the voice of freedom's future victory ', has the head of state and former actor. ' Again, cinema should not be silent (...) The we need a new Chaplin who will prove that today's cinema is not silent “, he concluded, under a new horde of applause.

Kylie Minogue, muse of the Magnum Beach in Cannes

This year, Kylie Minogue came to ignite the Croisette! The star is the new face of the Magnum Beach in Cannes, during the festival. On occasion, singer and DJ Peggy Gou remix the cult title Can't Get You Out Of My Head .

' I am glad to announce my partnership with Magnum and dance music icon Peggy Gou to release a remixed version of ' Can't Get You Out Of My Head ' - which will make its world debut at Cannes on May 19! Can't wait for you all to hear it “, announced the 53-year-old singer on her Instagram account.

On Thursday May 19 in Cannes, Kylie Minogue and Peggy Gou performed this new version of the cult song , on the beach of Magnum.

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Diam's at the Cannes Film Festival

Diam's is making a comeback in the media. After a decade-long absence, the former rapper is stepping down his documentary Greetings co-directed with Houda Benyamina and Anne Cissé, screened in world premiere and in special screening at the Cannes Film Festival .

' She talks about fame, psychiatry, the quest for meaning and her conversion to Islam. She takes us in the footsteps of Diam's and reveals in this intimate and modest story the secrets of her story. ', said the production company BrutX in a press release. But if the documentary will be presented at the Cannes festival, the singer did not go to the Croisette.

The decision of the Cannes Film Festival in support of Ukraine

The Cannes Film Festival reiterates its support for Ukraine . After having disinvited the personalities linked to the government of Vladimir Putin, the organizers decided to denying accreditation to Russian journalists from outlets in agreement with the invasion in Ukraine , according to Hollywood Reporter . The presence of some Russian media was authorized within the Cannes festival, but only if these do not support the policy of Vladimir Putin .

Who is the president of the Cannes Film Festival jury?

The president of the jury is Vincent Lindon . A regular at the Cannes Film Festival, the 62-year-old actor has already received the Best Actor Award there for his performance in The law of the market by Stéphane Brizé, in 2015. ' It is an immense honor, and a very great pride to see me entrusted, in the midst of the tumult of the multiple events that we are going through in the world, the splendid and heavy task of presiding over this jury ', he said in a statement after the announcement.

Who are the members of the Cannes Film Festival 2022 jury?

The jury, chaired by Vincent Lindon, is made up of French Lady Ly , the English Rebecca Hall , the Swedish Noomi Rapace , the American Jeff Nichols , the Norwegian Joachim Trier , the Italian Jasmine Trinca , the Iranian Asghar Farhadi and the Indian Deepika Padukone .

Who is the mistress of ceremonies at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival?

This is Virginie Efira who presented the opening and closing ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival and thus succeeds Doria Tillier. ' A solar presence for celebrate cinema “, commented the organizers in a press release. Last year, she went to the Croisette for her role in the film Benedetta by Paul Verhoeven.

Un Certain Regard: who are the jurors?

The Un Certain Regard jury is chaired by the Italian actress Valeria Golino , the Polish actress Joanna Kulig , the Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez , the American director Debra Granik and the French singer and actor Benjamin Biolay .

Who chairs the Camera d'Or jury?

This year it is Rossy de Palma who chairs the jury of the Camera d'or , taking over from Mélanie Thierry. As for the jurors, it is the general manager of Arri France, Natasza Chroscicki , director of photography Jean-Claude Larrieu , from the journalist Olivier Pelisson , actors Lucien Jean Baptiste and Samuel LeBihan and director Eleanor Weber .

What is the poster for the Cannes Film Festival 2022?

This year, Cannes Film Festival poster pays homage to Truman Show , by Peter Weier. ' Like the unforgettable Truman embodied by Jim Carrey who brushes his horizon with his fingertips, the Cannes Film Festival takes note of the extremity of a world in order to apprehend it anew. Climate crisis, humanitarian disasters, armed conflicts: there are many reasons for concern “, we read in the press release published by the organizers.

When is the Cannes Film Festival?

This year, the 75 and edition of the Cannes Film Festival took place May 17-28, 2022.

Which films were presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2022?

Films in competition:

  • Holy Spider  d'Ali Abbasi
  • The Almond Trees by Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi
  • The crimes of the future by David Cronenberg
  • Tori et Locita by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne
  • Stars at noon by Claire Denis
  • Brother and sister by Arnaud Desplechin
  • Close de Lukas Dhont
  • Armageddon Time  by James Gray
  • Broker d'Hirokazu Kore-Eda
  • Nostalgia de Mario Martone
  • MRI by Cristian Mungiu
  • The triangle of sadness de Ruben Östlund
  • Decision to leave  by Park Chan Wook
  • Showing up  de Kelly Reichardt
  • Leila's brothers  de Saeed Roustaee
  • Boy from Heaven by Tarik Saleh
  • Tchaikovsky's wife by Kirill Serebrennikov
  • There de Jerzy Skolimowski
  • The Eight Mountains de Charlotte Vandermeersch, Felix Van Groeningen
  • A little brother by Léonor Serraille
  • Torment on the Islands by Albert Serra

Films out of competition:

  • Top Gun 2 : Maverick by Joseph Kosinski
  • Elvis by Baz Luhrman
  • November by Cedric Jimenez
  • Three thousand years of longing  (Three Thousand Years Waiting for You) by George Miller
  • Masquerade of Nicolas Bedos
  • L'innocent by Louis Garrel

Films from the Un Certain Regard selection:

  • The worst of Lisa Akoka and Romane Gueret
  • metronome d'Alexandru Belc
  • Back to Seoul by Davy Chou
  • Sick of myself  de Kristoffer Borgli
  • Sunday and the fog (Sunday and the Mist) by Ariel Escalante Meza
  • Plan 75 by Chie Hayakawa
  • Beast by Riley Keough and Gina Gammell
  • Corset by Marie Kreutzer
  • Butterfly vision  de Maksim Nakonechnyi
  • Godland d'Hlynur Palmason
  • Rodeo by Lola Quivorón
  • Joyland of Saim Sadiq
  • The Stranger  de Thomas Wright
  • Silent Twins d'Agnieszka Smocynska
  • More than ever d'Emily Atef
  • Mediterranean Fever by Maha Haj
  • The blue of the Caftan de Maryam Touzani
  • Case de Lotfy Nathan

Cannes Premiere Selection:

  • Our brothers de Rachid Bouchareb
  • Exterior Night (Nightfall) by Marco Bellocchio
  • Dodo de Panos H. Koutras
  • Irma Vep by Olivier Assayas
  • Don Juan by Serge Bozon
  • The night of 12 by Dominik Moll
  • Chronicle of a temporary liaison by Emmanuel Mouret

Special screenings and midnight screenings of the Cannes Film Festival 2022:

  • All that breathes de Shaunak Sen
  • The Natural History of destruction de Sergei Loznitsa
  • Jerry Lee Lewis : Trouble in mind  d'Ethan Coen
  • my imaginary country by Patricio Guzman Chili
  • The vagabonds deDoroteya Droumeva
  • Women's response by Marie Perennes, Simon Depardon
  • Wind Remains of James Guedes
  • Little Nicolas: what are we waiting for to be happy? by Amandine Fredon, Benjamin Massoubre France
  • Hunt by Lee Jung-Jae (séance de minuit)
  • Moonage Daydream by Brett Morgen (séance de minuit)
  • Smoking makes you cough by Quentin Dupieux (midnight screening)
  • Rebel d'Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah (séance de minuit)

Critics' Week

For the 61st edition of Critics' Week, which takes place May 18-26 , eleven films were selected, seven of which are in competition. The jury is chaired by Tunisian filmmaker Kaouther Ben Hania, and made up of Franco-Greek director Ariane Labed, South Korean journalist Huh Moon-Yung, Icelandic director Benedikt Erlingsson, and Belgian cinematographer Benoît Debie.

In competition

  • After sun by Charlotte Wells
  • Living soul by Cristèle Alves Meira
  • dalva by Emmanuelle Nicot
  • The pack d'Andres Ramirez Pulido
  • Our ceremonies by Simon Rieth
  • Tasavor (Imagine) d'Ali Behrad
  • Metsurin tarina (The Woodcutter Story) de Mikko Myllylahti

Special screenings

  • When You Finish Saving The World by Jesse Eisenberg (opening film)
  • Goutte d'Or by Clement Cogitore
  • Everybody loves Joan by Celine Devaux
  • Give-him-so-hee by Jung July (clôture film)